Em and Jamie's Stories

Author Profile: We're Verbum and Anne - both big fans of Harry Potter and individual writer's as well as the duo of Em and Jamie. If you want to understand the pen name, well, you'll just have to read the story! ** If you'd like to contact us to let us know what you thought of our stories, email us at Em_and_Jamie@hotmail.com.
Jabberwocky: Chapter 1 (G) Of Twins, Teams, and Tie-dye - When Remus and Penelope's Lupin's twin children find out about their unique heritage, excitement abounds... *Posted 1-4-01*
Jabberwock: Chapter 2(G) Diagon Alley Or Bust! Em and Remus take a morning ride, an owl arrives, and the family goes to Diagon Alley. *Posted 1-4-01*
Jabberwocky: Chapter 3 (PG) Diagon Alley or Bust In the company of their parents, Em and Jamie arrive in Diagon Alley, and it will never be the same again! *Posted 4-03-01*

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