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Author Profile: I'm a "grown up" that has fallen entirely in love with the HP books. I can't wait for book five to come out, so in the meantime I write stories, using JKR's wonderful world and characters as my jumping-off-place. I've also founded a website with Zsenya, another fanfic authoress. We host The Sugar Quill (you can find a link on the Platform 9 and 3/4 page, here at the QP) which is a site devoted to all things Potter - fanfiction, discussion, etc. In "Real Life" I'm an actress and a writer, who does office temp work for a living. If my bosses knew what I'm really using this computer for, however, the living might be in jeopardy... **If you'd like to contact Arabella with reviews of her stories, you can reach her at
Awakenings (PG) Feelings are awakened in all of our favorite characters... (Prequel to Sine Qua Non- coming soon!) *Posted 1-19-01*
Sine Qua Non (PG13) In the sequel to "Awakenings" we open at the end of the summer before Harry and co.'s 5th year. In spurts throughout the year, Arabella takes us through the unique relationship budding between Harry and Ginny, and it all culminates in a superb climax and lovely denouement. *Posted 2-06-01*
HQoW Year One: The Secret Diary of Hermione Granger (PG) The subtitle pretty much says it all - or does it? The twist in this fabulous series is that when Hermione writes in her diary, the diary writes back... (Companion to Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone)
HQoW Year Two: The Secret Diary of Hermione Granger (PG) Harry, Hermione, and Ron's second year at Hogwarts, as told through Hermione's diary entries and the diary's entries back to her... (Companion to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) *Posted 1-16-01*
HQoW Year Three: The Secret Diary of Hermione Granger (PG) Harry, Hermione, and Ron's third year at Hogwarts (which we all know was very eventful) as told through Hermione's eyes to her diary, Gwen. (Companion to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) *Posted 2-06-01*

Ron's Rants: Year Three (PG) Hermione gave Ron a journal as a present so that he could record his thoughts, like she does, but what will he write? (Companion to HQoW Year 3) *Posted 2-06-01*

Chance Encounters (G) What would happen if Ron, Harry, and Hermione had actually met when they were five, and just didn't know it? You never know about chance encounters... *Posted 1-19-01*
On Dry Land (PG) We all know what when on beneath the depths of the lake during the second task, but what was happening up on dry land? A story from Ginny's seat in the stands... *Posted 3-28-01*
Unseen Interlude (PG) Ginny takes a swim in the lake after the thrid task and ponders some things... *Posted 1-19-01*
The O.W.L.s (PG) Hermione has news, but will she tell if Ron pushes her too far? *Posted 1-19-01*

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