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I'm Anne, and the webmistress of this wonderful site, but long before I was even considering setting up a webpage, I was writing HP fanfiction and posting on You can find my stories there under 'Anne', but why would you want to when most of them are right here, waiting to be read? Enjoy!
To Remember (PG) Lily, James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter reminisce about their days gone by at Hogwarts on the eve of their graduation. *Posted 10-22-00*
We'll Always Be Sisters (PG) Petunia remembers her sister, years after her tragic death, with the help of two photographs.*Posted 10-22-00*
Nobody Likes You When You're Twenty-Three (PG13) Six years after Hogwarts all our favorite characters are all grown up and working hard at their repspective careers, their days at Hogwarts all but forgotten, but in our heroes' world evil lurks around every corner... *Posted 10-22-00*
Of Masters, Mentors, and Matrimony (PG13) The sequel to Nobody Likes You When You're 23 in which wedding plans abound for Ron and Hermione, but the Dark side still threatens their friends and loved-ones. *Posted 10-28-00*
Romeo, Romeo, Whofore art Thou, Romeo? (PG) Part I The Quidditch Final The beginning to my Hogwarts/Shakespearean spoof. When Hogwarts puts on Shakespeare's most famous tragedy, Lily and James are set to star as the star crossed lovers, but first they must survive the Quidditch Final... *Posted 11-?-00*

Romeo, Romeo, Whofore art Thou, Romeo? (PG) Part II The Bad News When James awakes and finds himself in the hospital wing under Madame Pomfrey's formidable care, Professor McGonagall must find Lily a new Romeo - who will it be? *Posted 11-?-00*

Romeo, Romeo, Whofore art Thou, Romeo? (PG) Part III The Prank With James trapped in bed it's up to Sirius, Remus, and Peter to save poor Lily from a fate truly worse than death, and they rise to the occasion in typical Marauder fashion; but will their efforts succeed? *Posted 12-?-00*

Romeo, Romeo, Whofore art Thou, Romeo? (PG) Part IV The Play The moment we've all been waiting for - the audience is seated, the cast is in place, the curtain rises... But who will play opposite Juliet? *Posted 12-19-00*

Love Always, Mum (PG) A touching letter from a dying mother to her young son- it's not who you think, though! *Posted 10-22-00*
Remeber the Past; Hope for the Future (PG) Dumbledore fondly remembers two of his best students on the anniversary of the night they died. *Posted 10-22-00*
Sweet Home Privet Drive (G) A songfic/filk to Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" with Dudley on lead vocals! *Posted 10-22-00*
The Birthday Party (G) We visit the occasion of Dudley's second birthday party through the eyes of young Harry. *Posted 10-22-00*
The Wizards In The White Robes (G) Minister Fudge debates the possibilities of You-Know-Who's (he's working up the courage to say Voldemort) return- with himself... *Posted 10-22-00*
The Dancing Days(PG13) Chapter 1: Homecomings A sort of non-sequel to Nobody... and Of Masters... (It's all explained in the author's note. This is set after the aforementioned two and focuses primarily on Harry and Ginny. *Posted 3-29-01*

The Dancing Days(PG13) Chapter 2: Ginny and Harry dine at the Leaky Cauldron and meet Jenna and Chad there, and Ron comes to a profound realization about turnips. *Posted 3-29-01*

The Dancing Days(PG13) Chapter 3:Brides and Bells It's finally here - the wedding of the century... *Posted 3-29-01*

The Dancing Days(PG13) Chapter 4: When in Wales Ron and his squad get sent on a mission to Wales, Ginny is suddenly called back to Paris, and Penny and the kids arrive at the Burrow while Percy heads to Serbia and Croatia - is anyone left in London? *Posted 3-29-01*

The Dancing Days(PG13) Chapter 5:International Travels and Tangents A chapter that transcends countries and languages - get out your pocket dictionaries as we follow Ron and co. to Bulgaria (via France), and Harry and a few friends to Romania... isn't Eastern Europe fun? *Posted 5-27-01*

O Christmas Tree(G) A little holiday tangent (in an attempt to start writing again) in which Ron, Harry, Hermione, and Ginny decorate the Gryffindor common room Christmas Tree. *Posted 1-1-02*

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