Platform Nine and Three-Quarters

What, leaving already? Well if you must go, here are links to some of my favorite Harry Potter sites on the web! I visit and choose each page here before I link to it, so I can personally reccomend each and every one! ~Anne
Here are some brief desrciptions of these sites so you can decide where you'd like to visit first!
The Unofficial Harry Potter Fan Club is Jenna's website and she has turned it into the most authoritative unofficial site for HP fans on the web. This is a great interactive site for fans of all ages.
Harry Potter's Realm of Wizardry is Gypsy's fabulous site where you can find the most up-to-date news on the HP movie and cast pictures, puzzles, games, fanfiction and fanart- definitely worth a look!
My Erised is the home of the fabulous fanfiction series "Time Told" by Ashlie. I owe her a tremendous "thank-you" for helping me set up this site and walking me through angelfire. I guarantee "Time Told" is one story you don't want to miss! What can you say about a site that has over 10,000 Harry Potter fanfics (as of 11/7/00) along with countless others? Just that- it easily has the most complete fanfic library you'll find on-line!
Potter Prophet is Lillian's webpage where she has been kind enough to post some of my stories- and believe me, I'm in good company- chaeck it out!
Pensieve is Jen's site with neat graphics and some more good fanfiction (I'm posted here too- yay!)- have a look!
Hermione's World is Mena Baines' site...need I say more? Well, if so, then let me mention it houses a series of H/H stories in their last year at Hogwarts in which Harry is preparing for the last great battle with Voldemort.
Absconditus- What can I say? Maverick *never* fails to amaze me! I was bowled over by her stories when I read them on (hence posting them here) and she has since become one of my favorite fanfiction authors. Her website is nicely done, with her stories and some links- check it out!
Harry Potter's Wizarding World is Minzzer's site with many features, including an awesome fanfiction archive section. She has put quite a bit of work into it, so have a look!
Veralidaine's Harry Potter Site is the website of (guess who?) Veralidaine! She has posted many wonderful series on and you can find some of her stuff in my own fanfiction section! (Go read it- she's good!) She also has a fanart collection and I've posted some of her pics here, but in the meantime go visit and sign her guestbook!
The Sugar Quill is an incredible site- a really must visit for every fanfiction author. They offer beta-reading services, message boards with inovative discussions, links to very helpful sites for writers, and, of course, fanfiction! Go visit!
The Marauder's Den is Hallie U's site where she's combined all the aspects and ideas from her favorite sites into one - she's got a growing collection of fanfiction (including some of mine - thanks Hallie!) and news about the upcoming movie. It's also a great place to get a good introduction to Harry Potter.

If you'd like to link to the Quidditch Pitch using the great new button by Haruka (shown below) and you don't know how, email me for the instructions!