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I will write the most recent info first so you don't have
to read through the same stuff everytime you check out my
*interesting life* anyways.. enjoy=P

July 20, 2002 Okay i really haven't written in a very long time
My cousin and i went to see a movie tonight and we
stopped by this pizza place and our waitor was sooo
cute! everytime he would talk to our table i would
drop my fork and stuff! anyways the last guy i have
been talking to has turned out to be a coke head
literally so it's not the best times! i'm sure
everything will look up.. but i am starting to
doubt that there are any good guys around. oh well
now that school is about to start i'll be posting
more often if anyone cares! love yahs

May 4, 2002
Goodness gracious!where have i been?!
Intersting times in the life of steph, for sure
I have moved twice since i last wrote.. first to orange
mound then to Midtown. and now i have this cool roomie
jeni.. she's great. i'm not dating anyone now.. and i haven't
hung out with bo in a while.. like two weeks infact.. so
just thought i'd check in talk at you all later

March 25,2002
Hrm.. a lot has happened since my lazy ass last wrote! first of
all thursday after i posted that stuff i went out with Bo for
a while.. and actually i didn't get home until 5 am the
next day..we can just say i caught a wild hair! and then
friday i went out with my brother and his friends. My new
nickname is Betty Home Maker, because i cooked the boys
some muffins and stuff.. they totall appreciate me! then
they insisted that i bend over and pick up the top the to jack
daniels about 50 times.. i must have a nice ass AHAHA! jk
well saturday i went out with my dad and family.. haven't
seen my dad since Christmas! so.. we went and saw blade 2.
then bo called later.. he was "check in" which cracked me
up.. of course nothing happened yesterday.. but today! some
intersting things happened... i'll just tell you the most
silly one.. well i was walking to my car.. apparently it's
funny to climb into ppls cars and push them out of the parking
spot and down the road.. because when i finally found my car
that i thought had been stolen of course.. it was a block
away from where i had parked it. oh well that's all that's
been going on here lately. talk at you later!

March 21, 2002
Hrm.. today and yesterday.. the day before? what has happened
My brother's Truck exploded so i had to go pick his lame ass
up from the truck fixing place. then we went and ate at Perkins
well.. Tuesday Night we went to Bo's brother got
drunk on moonshine!! it was hilarious! Then on wednesday
I went and saw this dude i'll call Benji's movie .. it was
about homeless people here where i live. I plan on going to
see it again on next thursday with my friend becky. Also
benji mentioned me helping him with his next movie! Isn't
that just totally exciting?! alright i'm outta here!

March 17, 2002
well last night was very INTERESTING! to say the least
some bad things almost happened.. like crazy bad.. i went out
to eat with my aunt and uncle, then we went to see a movie
well on the way to the movie Steve called.. and invited
me to his party.. see Bo called Thursday and said he wanted
to do something this weekend.. but he never called. shock
so i went to steve's party. it was fun! i didn't drink or any
thing.. so i was taking care of drunks! ahaha! it was storming
so i spent the night at steves =) anyways.. that was my
weekend in a nut shelL!

March 13, 2002
today is my down's syndrome brother's birthday!
he's seventeen.. my my how quickly life goes by
If i think really hard i can remember when he was
born.. somewhat vaguely.. my mom got really depressed. it
was very hard on all of us.. isn't that selfish? shouldn't
we have considered how hard it would be on him! after all he
is the one who has to live WITH it.. we just have to deal
with the stares and such.. he can never drive.. he can't
even read.. imagine not being able to read.. heh.. i can't
do it. either way i always try to be extra nice to people on
March 13th because it is how i hope people treat my brother
so if you actually take time out of your day to see what i'm
wasting my time and yours complaining about today i hope
that you can take time to be just a little nicer to someone
you normally have little patience with. =)
Oh okay so today was kinda fun. The chick in my English
class i'll called.. Beth? Yeah ok.. well Beth talked me into
skipping History so we went to El Porton and had a drink
and lunch.. well i had to go to my lab a little tipsy! it was
a blast! Then after lab we went and "chilled" at her boyfriends
apartment.. got more tipsy.. ON A WEDNESDAY!?! then we went to
the zoo.. we were in the night animal exhibit..and she lights a
lighter.. the pooooor "slow loris" was looking right at the
lighter when she flicked it... the things eyes shut so quick.
ohh i felt sooo guilty. then i took the kids skating ..
i had a busy day eh? Wonder how tomorrow will be BYE!

March 8, 2002
Well tonight was interesting and didn't go exactly as i planned
I started off on my way to Brad's House but then i thought
"i'm right by Chris's so i ought to stop and say hi" so i did.
then i went back to Brad's and we went to eat. Brad is way hot
but you should see his room mate Seth! Anyways Brad and I
didn't do anything but chill at his apartment for a little
while and i came home.. we were gonna go to the club but then
then i thought what if i run into Steve while i'm there?!
Speaking of Steve, he won both of his baseball games Thursday
night (STUD!?!)Gosh I've had a blast this past week talking
to all these different guys! All of them Thanks to my brother~

March 6, 2002
today i was supposed to go off road with this dude i'm gonna call
"Chris" but he was sick so we just hung out at his place
instead.. I think he and i are gonna try to go off road friday
Anywho.. i am going out to eat with this guy who i will refer
to as Brad tonight.He's pretty nice. I think we are going for sushi
my favorite! Luckily he knows how to pick a sushi bar. some people
in the past didn't know what good sushi was!(or where to get it)
okay well i gotta finish my Make up and i'm outta here *fun!*
DANG! while i was at chris's this guy i'm gonna call Steve
called.. he went out of his way to get my # from my brother
AHHHHH He is sooo hot.. and has beautiful eyes! i guess i
i didn't mention how i met him.. Last friday i was at his
apartment with my brother.. and i was soo messed up i thought
the walls were leaning.. and he and i joked about that then
He tried to get me to spend the night with him saturday but we
know i'm not THAT easy! ahaha maybe next time =P

alright this is the starting day of my *web diary*
it's March 4,2002 and this past weekend was the most
fun weekend I've ever had in all my life! we can start on Friday
i was getting ready to go out when "matt" logs online..
being the ignorant person that I am I msg him "hey matt"
yeah he pretty much told me exactly what he thinks about me!
(it wasn't nice stuff btw but hey...I'll be the first to admit I'm a bitch)
Well I decided not to let just what he had to say get to me..
so I met my brother at one of his friend's apartments and we got
*toasty* and headed for the club! I danced with sooo many ppl
against my better judgement..b/c hey I can't dance! but either
way I was a dancing machine.. and I couldn't beat all the guys
off with a stick.. I must have given my number to at least 10 guys
then I went out with my bro and his friends again Saturday night
and they were all teasing me about all the guys that were all
trying to talk to me! it was nice I must admit.. it really helped
my self-esteem since I just got played so hard! ahaha
but at least I can laugh about it eh? alright so that was my
weekend.I'll write again when more interesting stuff happens