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My favorite things about Star Wars

Star Wars Polls and Trivia
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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Before we start, let's get this straight. I do not worship Star Wars. I just love it!) This is a page totally devoted to Star Wars polls and a little trivia. Enjoy!!


*The Star Wars trilogy was made from 1977-1983. Episode I was made in 1999. Episode 2 is scheduled to come out in 2002.It will be completely digital. Watch Entertainment Tonight to see new scenes from Episode II.

*Mark Hamill(Luke Skywalker) was born Sept.25,1951 in California.

*Harrison Ford(Han Solo) was born July 13,1942 in Chicago.

*Carrie Fisher(Princess Leia) was born Oct.21,1956 in Beverly Hills.

*Mark Hamill was in a car accident shortly after the making of Episode 4.

*Originally, in ROTJ, Lando and the Millenium Falcon were scheduled to perish in the battle of the Death Star.

*Carrie Fisher's favorite star wars movie is TESB.

*Currently,all 4 Star Wars movies are on the top twenty list of the top grossing films of all time.

*During the filming of the garbage compacter scene in A New Hope, Mark Hamill stayed underwater so long that a vein in his head burst.

*In TESB, in the scene where Luke knocks Darth Vader off the platform after jumping from the ceiling, Luke jumps down also. Look closely at the bottom-left part of the screen, and you will see his head pop back up. This is because he jumped onto a trampoline.

*There is a rumor circulating throughout the web that during the making of the Star Wars films, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford had a fling. Carrie Fisher herself continuously hints at this and has admitted on several occasions that she had a huge crush on Harrison F. For evidence contributing to this rumor in the form of pictures, click here. These pictures are located at The Han and Leia Shrine.

*Mark Hammil admitted to having a big crush on Carrie Fisher, but nothing happened between them.

*During the filming of the asteriod field scene in TESB, George Lucas made the technicians and everybody repeat the filming so many times that, reportedly, one of them threw their shoe into the scene, and George kept it that way. Another version is they didn't have enough money when making it, so just threw a shoe in. Either way, when you are watching, put the tape in slow motion and have several people watch very carefully, and you will see the shoe.

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