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Dearest Mom

Throughout life you have shown me the true
meaning of a mother. You have taught
me how to be strong, courageous,
and most of all be me. You have
loved me unconditionally and showed me that
I am someone special.

Your qualities have been etched in my heart
and soul. You have taught me how to
be sensitive to others needs. From you,I
have received important values in life.You
have set an example throughout your life
of what a mother should be like.

For all these reasons I have the
deepest admiration and respect for you. I am
so proud to call you mom. to say to you, to let you know
how much you mean to me, but really,
the two most important feelings I want you to
know are..."Thank You" for all your love
and " I Love You" with all my
heart and soul. Mom, your love is
the greatest gift of all.

"Wind Beneath My Wings" by: Bette Midler