Here I am,lying naked beside an everflowing stream
       The rain comes down and wsahes away my sins like a dream
       Flowing over me,cleansing and changing my wrongs
       Heaven comes upon me as the birds sing their songs
       The moon comes out from behind it's dark cloud
       For the short dose of life it is allowed
       My hair is wet,my eyes are closed,I slip away from the world
       To somewhere else,where all things are pure as pearls
       A spiritual journy to the other side of time
       A place where i can run but never hide
       The rain explains to me all the things that are real
       Some i can touch,yet others I can feel
       grant my serenity,grant my will,grant me freedom
       Overlook my sins and forgive me of my treason
       I feel at peace yet I know something's wrong
       I feel whole even though something is gone
       the rain runs down my face and accross my lips
       Flowing down my body and coming out my fingertips
       the rain whispers to me "welcome to eternity"
       What's wrong with me?
       euphorical proportions
       My mind is in contourtions
       Surrounding me
       i wanna be free!
       Like the snake
       killing me with hate
       Slammed against the wall
       i take a fall
       Beat me down
       Fire all around
       Being destroyed by lies
       I don't wanna die!
       Up in bed,sweat running down,it was merely a dream
       But showing me things aren't always what they seem
       Now maybe I know what no one else realizes
       Life is full of surprises and disguises
       Standing up away from my dream,I'm fearless and brave
       Fucking up the world I'm supposed to save
       Turn and walk away..