The Doors were one of the most original and talented bands ever.Jim Morrison's poetry put to the diverse musical backgrounds of keyboardist Ray Manzarek,guitarist Robby Krieger,and drummer John Densemore created a style that can never be duplicated.From the rebellious anthem "Break On Through" to the mellow and thoughtful "Riders On The Storm" to the epic "The End",they created an alternate universe that could only be travelled to while listening to their music.But it was more than music.More than just simple power chords and peace and love lyrics.It was art.During their brief four years together they created some of the most influential music in history.Bands as different as Smash Mouth,Days of The New,and Marilyn Manson all list The Doors as a major influence.Long live Jim and The Doors.The four that became one.Even 29 years after his passing, the lizard king still lives on through his music.