Self absorbed in my sarcasm
Sleeping in a bed of my own self pity
Swimming in a private ocean of depression
Living without knowing why
Contemplating suicide to subside my fear
rejected and raped,i cry
To false gods I cry
Now I attempt a scream
But it is muffled by the hopelessness,
My throat has developed
Scratching at the walls
with my nails,
tearing at my virgin wrists
cutting weeping bleeding
But i take my pills
They make it better,if only for a while
Then i must return,
to depression drug and guns
So with the needle still in my arm
I lie in bed
begging for death
Give me the gun!
Give me the gun!
Give me the fucking gun!!!!!!!!!
I stick it in my mouth
Deep,deep down
Until it reached the root of my self-hatred
and blows it all away
Now I fall limp to the ground
My life is gone
but so is my angst
Now mother can suffer the pain instead