I see the moon shining full tonite
       Silver moon sparkling by the sea
       The night is lit by a single ray of light
       Illuminating your eyes so beautifully
       A single star shines so far away 
       Allowing us to become one and expose our souls
       Together under a palm tree on the bay
       Beside an ocean that never grows old
       A dolphin sings silently in the distance
       The waves come oh so gently
       Allowing me to be free from my resistance
       So our love can blossom eternally
       Sea shells lying on the coastline
       Emotions scattered along the ground
       But none of them are mine
       Mine are the small flowers lying around
       In full bloom when we're together
       Withering away when we're apart
       Sweet and innocent,you are the dove's feather
       I'll pick you up and touch your heart
       Your beauty burns in my hand
       As you spread your wings to soar
       Sharing this love only we understand 
       As you fly above the earth and the shore
       The man on the moon looks down
       And he bestows his blessings upon us
       Be still and listen to the heavenly sounds
       Hold onto my soul and cling to my trust
       To touch the dove with my hands
       Perfect to this world, flying sinless
       Feeling love unknown to ordinary man
       Being with you're dove soul, without scar or blemish
       We are on, we are together
       Causing our starts to brightly shine
       We are dreamers and love is forever
       And as we share this timelessness tonite
       My flower will never wither
       And a dove can never die
       We are both here to live and to shimmer
       And to make sure we never cry
       Shall our souls never seperate
       My flower will keep blooming and never die down
       Using our love as an escape 
       From this world and this crazy, old town
       To kiss you gently at night
       To keep you warm when your spirit is cold
       To live every night like we're living tonite
       These are the secrets of my soul