The songs you sang and the stories you told
Filled the hearts of a generation of lost souls
Carrying a guitar with our lives in your hand
What you meant to me, you'll never understand
You're music gave us the courage to fight
You're songs became the soundtrack of our lives
What would you say?If you were here today?
Would you accept the fullfillment you gave?
Late on night, at your house upon the hill
Something happened that made all time stand still
Drowning in the personal demons you had to hide
It seems like you lost a reason to even try
You found your gun lying loaded under your bed
Pulled the trugger and put a bullet through your head
Maybe it hurt or maybe you were ready to die
But it was a slow end to your quick ride
Now you're gone but legends never really die
They seem to live on inside out confused minds
The legacy that you left behind
Has stood the test of time
Wish you were here, but now you're there
But the world still feels the emotion you shared
To this world, your spirit is gone
But the legacy of teen spirit will forever live on
You're satisfied now that your mind's at ease
My hero, under a stone marked "Rest In Peace"