Jackie McCabe tBb666@webtv.net
You notice
But you dont
You see my pain but no one cares
I could be lying
Dead on the floor
You would just step on me
And walk out the door.
I can not cry
For my eyes have cracked and dried
I can not feel
For my heart and soul has been peeled away
Layer by layer
And thrown into the fire
I can not see light
For I live in the dark
I can not hear joy
For all I can hear are the tortured cries and    screams of pain
I can not love
For I only feel hate
All I can do is stand in the darkness
Watching and waiting
Waiting for the end
The end of this curse
For it feels like I have
A knife in my soul
It is slowly piercing
Into what little life I have left
It feels asif
I am being pulled in ten different directions
My head is spinning
It feels asif no one can hear me
No one understands
No one cares
I'm on my own