FrEe VeRsE

Welcome to the free verse section of my site.These are just short,freeflowing poems that I wrote quickly(big emphasis on "quickly") at school during class or waiting for a guitar lesson or something like that.I'm not posting them here because I think they are good, they're not meant to be good, but rather bcase i'm bored out of my teenage mind and need to do something.But who knows, you may enjoy them.Have fun.
The void is almost filled
But their isn't enough starlight left
To fill the crescent shaped crack tha remains
So as we begin to slip through
Into memories of days and night past
WE realize that there's really nothing to be found
Hidden under the thoughtless ramblings
And brimstone orgasms of our past lives
And now we are, at one with the moon, getting closer
To discovering the orignins Of hope love and maybe even earth
Dig deeper oh ye pretty claws
As we are naked as the stormy night
We  realize thatwe just are and need no reason why

The angel walked by me
Spread her pretty wings
Bent over
Picked up her halo
And never even noticed me

The dim light shines through the old black door into the darkening room
Brilliantly radiating the scene with Van Gogh's spirit
I sit, or fly, I don't really know, but I'm left breathless
The old man keep talking
Proud Histories
Bullshit religions
A light surrounds him and begins to seep into his skull
He stutters
Falls back in his chair
Seriously man, I'm not kidding

A misty haze of red surrounds me
I cant breath
i don't have to
It's like water But I'm not wet
I'm swimming...Maybe flying...
Or maybe I just have my head on my desk
With the old man beind me
My eyes closed
My soul being cleansed in another place
Other than here
Deadend dreaming
Away into the sunny blue and purple sky
Hello there Zeus, Nice to meet you
With Aphrodite's arms around my heart
I become one
With lucidity
I like it here
I think I'll stay

I'm standing alone in a field of religions
Satanic birds fly above my head
Little, stupid Christian insects crawl aimlessly to their deaths
And the Wiccan stars shine brightly above all else
The hunter kills the birds with his rightwing bullets
The insects are smashed with my unbelieving foot
Stars can never fade away
So as they shimmer around an athiest moon
I fall to the ground
And die
I have always wondered about the afterlife
I would tell you about it
I'm dead 
And thee words are just the voices in your head
Trying to ask you what you believe
Not your condesending mother

Fertile cresents of shining full moons
Send their rays into my simple body
And their poisons through my heart and soul
Enlightening me about my very existance
I am free as a lea spinning to arth
i can't scream
I am far too pure
As it warps out of my bosy and back to the sky
The sunrise filters my hands
Causing them to tremble and shake
I am Alphaand Omega
Without me you are nothing
And I think the power is killing me

My stereo pumps out
Party anthems and suicidal tales of pain
Foreshadowings of Kurt's suicide
And of sugar Ray's disintegration to pop
Crank it up!
The freeflowing bodues dance around
Don't cover your ears
Louder now!Even still!!
We can take it we're MEN
And then there was nothing
As our limitations collided with our expectations
And we withered away
Like Jim,Janis,and Jimi
Free to play with the clouds

I'm on top of a lucid mountain
Pissing on your lucid graves
If I had a wish I'd wish one thing:
That you
and all your macho friends
Really, not lucidly

Sylvia Plath
I hear your suicide stained voice
Coming from the pits of Hell up to my dreams
Talk to me