You came into my life and disappeared like a bad dream
       You opened my closed eyes and made me believe
       You made me believe that all my dreams are real
       And that all my emotional scars would someday heal
       You had deep green eyes and flowing blonde hair
       We became a joined soul in love only we could share
       We dared to walk the streets truly believing
       That our souls were strong and our love worth receiving
       Deception made his frequent visits at our heart's door
       You prevented him from corrupting our soul's core
       We made love like the sun to the rippling ocean
       We tasted the sea and drowned there in emotion
       We escaped our transgressions and became all we wanted to be
       Road our destiny train and we were forever freed
       We were two crazy dreamers not meant to survive
       There was a powerful force too strong for us to deny
       the wise man told us to take good care
       But before that, he made sure that I was aware
       Of the time that would come to test our hearts
       A time that could be fruitful or tear us apart
       And the time it came on a lonely rainy night
       A force came from somewhere else and drove you to the sky
       I watched as you cried out your last tears
       While I dropped down and cried my last fears
       Two tears ran and I watched as they joined together
       Signifying that love is past the grave,Love is forever
       I fell to my knees and reached to the sky
       I felt so alone with only my soul I could cry
       But I still feel you,like the air that I breath
       Something dreamy that noone else can conceive
       I taste your kiss when I look upon the sea
       When I feel the rain I know you'll be waiting for me
       When I swim in the ocean, I feel your body's touch
       And when I feel the sunshine, I can feel your love
       I can hear your voice when the wind whistles past
       It reminds me that someday we will meet again at last
       I look into your eyes when I number the stars in the sky
       I remember your hair when I find my place to hide
       I smell your sweetness when flowers bloom on warm spring days
       But those thoughts disappear when the daisies wither away
       I feel so fragile then,like a piece of broken glass
       All because of my troublesome life in my sorrowful past
       I love you more than life itself, so why am I still here?
       Why can't I be in Euphoria with you, my precious dear?
       My head held in my hands,I can do nothing but stare down
       Looking around,daisies lie dying on the ground
       I don't know if I can make it without you anymore
       Searching my mind, surely there is a cracking door
       Now I know!'Fore I know how you left
       After all, the other side of life is merely death
       The passing must be simple,'fore I am without reason to live
       I have given to this earth all and more than I was sent to give
       If I concentrate real hard...mentally slitting my wrist,it flows
       My emotional blood,all over me it goes
       It's all black now but I'm regaining my sight
       As I look eastward,there comes an angelic light
       I feel so drawn to like,like something I know yet I don't
       I feel in a way willing to go,yet somewhere I'm hoping I won't
       But it is drawn to me and it fills my empty hole
       I become one there,one with another soul
       An angel,with a face so pretty and a smile so right
       I know now,that I'm reunited with my lover tonite
       Our eyes meet to form a link between our lost hearts
       We are together again,It seems so long since we had to depart
       And we embrace in an emotion so pure and real
       Your body preesed against me and your lips against mine is all I feel
       I knew long ago,that forever was so soon,but to get there I know not how
       I felt I would meet you there someday,and someday is now
       Sweet Forever,I feel so weightless and I feel you
       Now,for the first time,my heart is fully true