Why do you have to wear those clothes?
Why do you smile when you feel so low?
How can you ever stand tall if you're on your knees?
Are you really happy being another blowjob queen?
Hiding behind make-up,I wish I could see your face
I wish you weren't afraid to face the day
Are you really happy with blood running down yor legs?
How can you be satisfied if you have to beg?
Do you ever feel dirty when people inspect?
Don't you ever yearn for a little respect?
How does it feel just to be a number in someone's book of scores?
How does it feel not knowing what to live for?
Won't you sit down right here next to me?
And tell me about the things you wish you had never seen
I know it's tough in a world that keep getting colder
But I'll always be your crying shoulder
It's time for you to make a change
Time for the things in your life to rearrange
There's so much out there that you can do
I love you, please go start your life anew