All the things you hid from the world:
Soulsearching dreams and the bluest eyes in Texas
But a fear of rejection,
made you hide this inner beauty from the world
You were like the one breathtaking star
Among this darkness that we call life
But your heart was too beautiful,
for this place to handle
Too much hope can cause hate

They didn't know you well enough to hate you

But love kept you gong
Your hopes,dreams,and aspirations
of living as one with all humanity
and of finally escaping to freedom,
to peaceful euphoria
with your lover,
the only one who understood
Your love together 
It was full of so much

Close-minded societies can't accept this "sickness"

They couldn't handle simple reality
I think you two were just to perfect
For their hopeless,little lives

Love is just two people that truly care
Gender is just a technicality
But it was too far above their small heads
It was a simple task
Gun in hand,head in clouds,they ended your dream

I hope there is a special Heaven, just for you

Left bleeding and dying
With your only companion by your side,
Rest in peace
Your wondering soul is finally free
Fly on now
Past the moon to the angels

Maybe boys don't cry...

But I did