I sit here and dream of you
And I ponder the possibility of us together
My hand gently caresses my check
But is cut short by stubbles of hair
I wonder what it would be like
To touch your hands,hold them tight
Maybe touch your rosy lips
Your mysterious eyes cut me
Like a knife,
I imagine of things hidden
Underneath your little pink dress
How delicious it must surely taste
For I have never drank of such innocence
You are an enigma
A goddess hiding out on earth
Maybe to escape your own uncomprehendable beauty
That has been bestowed upon you
By something higher than us
Your voice is sweet
Kinda like music from heaven or whatever lies beyond
I'm sorry if you catch me staring
It's just that I have never seen an angel before
Well, maybe in the movies
If only I could just touch one...
It's ironic really
I could have you
We could be together
I feel it in my heart
But I know I could never really love you
And you could never really love me
Maybe it's just a little too perfect
Maybe earth can't stand that much love
So now I must say goodbye
Even though we have never truly met
My life will have to go on
Just like it already was
Without you...