I've had way too much caffeine
I'm having trouble understanding what the hell I mean
Just can't seem to close my eyes
Can't seem to get you out of my mind
Radio is playing my favorite song
But all hope in my heart is gone
My head hurts and I think I want to die
Wait a minute, I could have lied
The distant clock says it's 2:54
I'm too numb to even walk out the door
Stare at all the stars of the night
Wish upon the half-moon in the sky
I just don't want to die young
Because I think I can remember once having fun
Watching the TV but my eyes aren't so clear
I wish you were here...
I've had way too much caffeine
Sleeping in my shirt and grungy jeans
I've got a stolen cigarette lying by my side
Wishing I could turn back the hands of time
I'm lying like a corpse,dead,on my bed
Memories with you running through my head
A lone airplane is flying high above
The noise drowning out all my hopes of love
Coke cans on my dusty rug
Moments forgotten by a simple shrug
I'm dreaming even though I'm wide awake
Sick of wasting away for your sake
Pencil shavings and notebooks of emotion
Too drained to show you my devotion
I always fail no matter how hard I try
Lying here trying desperately not to cry
Trying desperately not to die