I close my eyes and dream of an ocean
                      I drown there, in a wave of emotion
                      I walk barefoot along the coastline
                 Accepting all the Euphoria that has become mine
                    And I am swept away by a wind of love
                    And sent a message from Heaven's above
                  I open my eyes and look to the ends of the sky
                    There's an angel there and a tear she cries
                  She beckons me closer and I am drawn near
                   Feeling a satisfaction I have never felt here
                 She wraps herself around me and kisses my heart
                     My emotions there, they are torn apart
                    She cleanses me and wipes away my sins
                      For the first time, I feel holy within
                  Her voice is sweet music to me as she speaks:
                 "Love will overcome," and she touches my cheek
                    Waking up again,on earth, I feel so whole
                 I am the master of my fate, the captain of my soul
                    My lonely heart will never again feel old