The sun sets in the eastern sky
Gently carressing the ocean
Calming it's violent waves
With it's everlasting devotion
As the two meet
They join to form one
They try to remember
The meaning of what is done
Fish and dolphins in the ocean
Beauty surpassed only by love
Two lone turtle doves
Circling a lighthouse out there
Spreading their passion upon all the earth
We hear the waves in the coast
Do we really know what it means?
That maybe love is forever
And our love is everything
And if a shooting star ever,
Crashes into our ocean
We are bound together
Because devotion is the sweetest emotion
Maybe I'm  a little scarred
Tired of living for sin
But now I've found you, my angel
And love never ends
The master spoke to me
He whispered gently to me
My chains were broken
Now I am free
Free to choose
And I choose to live for you
Noone else in this world
Matters like you do
And still that bird flies
Freely in the wind
Showing me you, my love
A light in the dark world I'm living in