I sometimes dream this world is a euphoria:
Where we join in hands and stand as one unified together
Where black and white are just colors and all is equal forever
Where red is the color of a rose not the blood of an innocent child
Where peace love -n- harmony never went out of style
Where men and women are equal and rape is never even thought
Where we are all given equal oppurtunity and happiness isn't bought
Where the world can apprciate the importance of a young teen
Where the non-believers won't crush a fourteen year old's dreams
Where anarchists and rebels are free to speak their minds
Where we all know that everything will be alright in time
Where we are all soldiers of peace, knowing no treason
Where we forget about war because there is no reason
Where we are all in this together with our hearts open true
Where people stand back and give us the freedom to choose
Because we are not all hopeless druggies,some of us believe
That our innocence can't be corrupted or our powers conceived
Yes, I dream of peace for all of eternity
But I know this perfect dream of euphoria can never be
Looking through my window to the world, I must say I am forever grieved, 
To see the hopelessness of a violent and closed-minded world