NAME: Steven
AGE: 14
LOCATION: Nowheresville
HAIR: Currently brown,I'm gonna dye it black soon...or maybe blue.I'm not sure just something weird.
EYES: brown
FAV BANDS: The Cure,VAST,Counting Crows,Red Hot Chili Peppers,Dream Theater,Shawn Mullins,Nirvana,Jim Carroll Band,Fiona Apple,Pink Floyd,The Doors,
FAV SONGS: "Out Of This World" by The Cure,"Round Here" by Counting Crows,"Deep Kick" by Red Hot Chili Peppers,"The Freshmen" by The Verve Pipe,"The Spirit Carries On" by Dream Theater,"You" by VAST,
FAV TV SHOWS: Roseanne,Daria,Southpark,Sex And The City
FAV MOVIES: American Beauty,Boys Don't Cry,What Dreams May Come,Shawshank Redemption,Green Mile,Almost Famous,Clockwork Orange,Saving Private Ryan,Sid And Nancy,Light It Up,Hurricane,Opposite Of Sex,Buffalo '66,
FAV ACTORS: Johhny Galecki,Tom Hanks,Tim Robbins,John Goodman,Wes Bently
FAV ACTRESSES: Sara Gilbert,Christina Ricci,Laurie Metcalf
FAV COMEDIANS: Ellen Degeneres,Janeane Garofalo,Bill Maher,Dave Chappelle,Chris Rock,
FAV POETS: Jim Carrol,Sylvia Plath,Allen Ginsberg,Tupac Shakur,Leonard Cohen,Shakespeare
FAV AUTHORS: Jim Carrol,Stephen King,Edgar Allen Poe,
FAV BOOK: Green Mile by Stephen King,Basketball Diaries by Jim Carrol,Different Seasons By Stephen King,
FAV CLOTHES:Anything punk/grunge and dark
FAV HOBBIES: writing,playing guitar,drawing,listening to music
THINGS I HATE: stuckup people(aka preps)teen pop music,crappy movies that rely on gore or sex just to sell and have no story line,bands that say the word "fuck" 20 times in every song,homophobic people,sexists,racists,and rednecks