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Welcome to Magee Marketing Group! We are a family oriented business that specializes in saving you money without sacrificing any coverage. We also make sure that you are not over or under insured.

Charles Magee has been in the Insurance business for 30 years and is an expert when it comes to finding you the lowest possible rates for your personal homeowners and automobile insurance.

To the left you will find links to some of the basic questions that we will need in order to provide you with the best insurance agent. The service is at no cost to you and can usually bring results within 24 hours.

We understand that you can very easily receive a free no obligation quote at some of the other bigger websites on the World Wide Web, within minutes of submitting your information, but is it accurate? Will you be honestly paying what they quote? Wouldn't you rather have a company that takes the time to find you the best agent available for your insurance needs?