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Wrenn thundered down the Time Channels. His blade was already out and ready as he neared the portal to Bree. Black space surrounded him, but he kept on his path. His breathing came out shallow and he was shaking with unseen rage. The Saiya-jins chose to attack after the Emperor was struck down.
Those bastards, he thought. Tinoff was probably out there, as well. The thought of seeing that freak in the midst of battle boiled Wrenn’s blood to no end. Nobody had told him that the Saiya-jins were assaulting Bree. He had no idea how late he was. Before his thoughts could get the best of him, he finally reached the opening of the portal.
Without any hesitation, Wrenn leapt through the portal and landed awkward on the ground outside. His breath caught in his throat and he just stared up. The sky was in constant motion and Energy streams tore through the clouds. The clouds themselves seemed to spiral and twist as the various warriors moved against the sky. He couldn’t tell from his position which were Saiya-jins and which were Rogues.
Wrenn crouched low and jumped high into the sky, twirling the blade in his hand and letting out a furious yell as he came down on an unsuspecting Saiya-jin. He took the warrior’s arm off in one quick blow then spun around in the air, spin kicking him violently back. Wrenn let loose a huge stream of Energy into the Saiya-jins back. Another one came from behind and Wrenn roared again, slamming his elbow into his stomach. The Saiya-jin crumpled and before he could recover, Wrenn flipped his blade so that the point was facing up and jammed it clear through the Saiya-jins chin. Wrenn ripped the blade out through his jaw, ignoring the swell of blood rushing forth from the Saiya-jins mouth, and backhanded him down without a second thought.
Taking hold of his blade, Wrenn roared out loudly again as two separate bones jutted out from his shoulders. He arched his back in pain and flung his arms out as the bones curved out along his shoulders. Separate bone structures formed and fanned out against the two curved bones. With a wrenching pain that Wrenn ignored, he opened them up as feathers formed and matted together. In one quick movement, he took off into the skies.
Heading for battle.

They both just stood there. Staring. The child’s eyes hadn’t even wavered on his for an instant. She was crouched beside Milina’s body, one small hand on the ground. Tinoff’s eyes roamed down to her arm and he saw from where he was how much she was shaking. Chaos’ voice arose in his mind again. He wanted the kid dead.
There was nothing stopping him.
Tinoff stepped over to her, raising the blade up as he moved. He heard her whimper and she moved backwards, groping with her hand along the ground. She crawled awkwardly over Milina’s still body, trying to get away. Tinoff twisted the blade sideways and slashed out suddenly at the child’s mid-section. She opened her mouth to scream, but nothing came out of it.

A sudden flash of silver erupted from the ground around Tinoff and Kiva and it spread around the length of the courtyard. Tinoff growled a low animal snarl and turned quickly, flashing his blade out.
“What the hell is this?!” He roared out, looking back at the girl. He slashed at the air where she had just been.
“Dammit!” Tinoff yelled again. His eyes flashed up and scanned the exploding sky. Letting out a snarl, Tinoff jerked his head down and studied the ground where it was lit up moments before. A long groove had been burnt in the grass, but that was all that was shown on the ground. Where had this kid disappeared to? That burst of energy was too quick for him to catch the source. Tinoff’s gaze strayed down to Milina’s body. Scowling darkly he spat out to the side, looking up at the far wall. His entire body froze when his eyes locked on the man standing at the very top. His wings were massive in size, and they were folded across his chest, the tips curving at the bottoms downward. They were iron grey and sleek. The man’s eyes stared straight through Tinoff. He was too far away for Tinoff to read his features, but he saw the small movement in his left side. The man’s wing moved sideways and opened up with a jolt, revealing the child clasped tightly to his side.
Tinoff snarled low and clenched the blade tightly, moving backwards. He knew what this guy was now. Those wings had set him off. The High had told the Suluran’s and now they have released the Seraph angels. In one quick motion the Seraph flexed his arm and pulled the child closer into him, gliding down softly to the ground. His wings unfurled and stiffened outwards, enabling him to land softly. Straightening his back, the Seraph looked at him coldly.
He set the child down beside him, letting her feet touch the ground as he held onto her firmly. He had only two domestic wings, but they were from Suluran nature none the less. Tinoff lifted his head up and sneered, twirling the blade inwards and holding it with his left hand, the blade pointing to the side diagonally as he held it up. He stooped back, eyeing the Seraph.
“I don’t have time for verbal exchange, Suluran. Give me the kid.” Tinoff said low, keeping his eyes steady with the Seraph’s grey eyes. Up close now, Tinoff could see every feature on his face. His hair was a dark blue and long. It was tied loosely behind his head, and against his cheek was a green tattoo in the shape of a triangle. The tip of the tattoo traveled down to his jaw, and it accented his cold eyes. Suluran’s did not possess the ability of compassion, and it showed in their actions.
If the child were to be the target of this Seraph, then she would have been killed on the first attack. Tinoff thought to himself. Unfortunately, I’m the target now. Tinoff gritted his teeth together grimly and dug his fingers into the blades hilt. The palm of his hand was already open and bleeding from it being chafed on the hilt.
“I won’t let the child live!” Tinoff roared out, swinging the blade out at the girl. She screamed out and the Seraph spun quickly, bringing his arm up. The blade hit his arm and deflected off easily. The armor around his wrist was powerful, but it only covered his hand and Tinoff spin kicked out into his side. Leaping back, the Seraph’s wings moved inwards and propelled him through the air. He grew into a small dot against the sky then disappeared. Tinoff swung the blade up, scraping the ground with the tip and broke the ground up to the palace walls, making them dent inwards. He lowered the blade to his side and breathed out slowly, raising a thumb up to flick a stray hair from his eyes. He closed his eyes, and exhaled a long breath.
Tinoff stepped back and sunk through the ground.

They soared through the clouds, far away from the battle that was tearing up the sky just a few miles beside them. The Seraph closed his wings in and dived down low to the ground, opening them up with a snap and letting his feet drag against the ground. He held the child firmly in his arms, and her face was buried against his neck. She hadn’t stopped shaking from when he first grabbed her. As they neared the remnants of the town, he saw now the extent of damage that the Rogue’s and Saiya-jins had done to the town. The entire place was destroyed and only a few buildings were still being supported on one side. He pumped his wings inward, jolting up into the air and landed on the edge of a terrace overlooking the now decimated square. He stepped onto the wider slab of marble and kneeled down, setting the child against his lap.
She clung firmly onto his arm and he took one of her hands, gently prying her fingers out from his arm. As he was doing this, he talked very low and calm to her, watching her face.
“My name is Salidan and I’ve been sent here to take you out of Bree. Your father has wished for this, and so I must follow through with my orders.”
She blinked and looked up at him, her cheeks stained with dried tears. “My father..?”
“The best thing now is if you are away from Bree, Princess. I was sent to take you away. You can trust me.”
Kiva’s lower lip began to shake uncontrollably and she clasped her hands tightly in her lap, biting down on her trembling lip. Her lip was already broken up from this habit and so now blood ran down her chin slowly as she whimpered. Salidan blinked slowly then wiped at her chin with his forefinger, pleading gently with her not to cry. His eyebrow suddenly twitched down and he turned quickly, looking out behind him. Salidan cried out shortly but stifled it in a grunt as the hilt of a blade smashed into his temple. He cradled his head then lashed out with his foot at Tinoff. Tinoff just leaped it and slammed the hilt once again into his temple, knocking him back. His eyes were no longer blue but a dark crimson and his hand was covered in sticky blood. Kiva moved away, sobbing out and tears clouded her vision as she tripped on her own feet. Salidan recovered quickly and slammed his fist down into Tinoff’s shoulder, but Tinoff pulled his blade back quickly, moving abnormally fast to the side and slicing Salidan’s forearm as he blocked.
Salidan stumbled back, opening his steel wings and glided back to catch himself as Tinoff attacked again at his mid-section. Salidan spun and opened his damaged hand, forming a steel sword in it. Tinoff beat the sword back and leaned to the right on his foot, turning his head to the girl on that side. With a defiant roar, Tinoff held the blade diagonal and slammed the hilt into the child’s ear. She groaned in pained, coughing up blood as it ran down out from her ear and buckled. Before Salidan could strike out again, Tinoff righted the blade and rammed the broad end once again into the side of her face.
Kiva’s eyes faded out and went black as she fell face first, blood matting her blonde hair. Salidan let out a shrill sound, and it echoed loudly before stopping instantly the moment Salidan slammed his sword down at Tinoff’s shoulder. Tinoff smirked in the last instant and leaped back smoothly, leaving Salidan to collapse on his knees from the force of the hit beside the girl.
He rested his forehead on the sticky terrace floor, ignoring the warm blood. A low growl came from his throat, and he remained still beside the girl.