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Milina let out a short scream of surprise, jerking her head up to the building to the side of them. Hajima and Tiroid started instantly at the noise, reeling to look for the source of it. Glass shattered down slowly, flickering in the sunlight. Hajima bolted across the lawn, leaping a hedge in the process, followed closely by Tiroid.
“Is that the cell where Tinoff is being held at?” Hajima called out to Tiroid, bounding up to the building. Tiroid’s jaw set itself tightly, and he slowed, looking up at the gaping hole that was the now open window. They both stood a couple feet from the building, staring at the window. The bright sun hindered their vision, but they saw the figure hunched against the window sill, peering down at them.
“Is it Tinoff?” Hajima asked, his voice strained from his heavy breathing. Tiroid shielded his eyes with his hand, squinting at the lone figure.
“Who else could it be? That’s where his cell is. He’s weapon-less though, and his energy is drained. He won’t be too hard to take down in a rage.” Tiroid answered lowering his hand to his side, looking down at the glass scattered along the ground. Hajima grew impatient, though. Just as he stepped back, the shadow from the window fell, and both of them gasped in shock when they saw it wasn’t Tinoff. The man landed on his feet softly amongst the shattered glass, lowering himself upon impact into a low crouch. His arms were extended out and they were covered with metal. His palms faced outward, but his hands resembled claws. The man’s lanky blonde hair hung around his shoulders, shielding his face, and his attire was only that of leather pants—a dress flowing behind him. Both Hajima and Tiroid stared, completely dumbfounded by this man. The man rose to his feet slowly then straightened his back, looking in-between them both coolly.
Tiroid reacted on instinct and he rushed the man within a fraction of a second, hammering his fist dead on into his nose. The moment Tiroid’s fist was about to make contact though, a sudden energy pulse knocked his arm up and to the side. The force wrenched his shoulder out and he let out a grunt. The man’s clawed hand immediately grabbed Tiroid around the throat and he pulled him down to his eye-level. Tiroid was nearly thrown forward and off of his feet. All this happened in the span of 2 seconds and that’s when Hajima saw the blonde man grab Tiroid. He reacted quickly and flipped to the side, landing low in a crouch and rushed him, keeping his body low to the ground.
Hajima was about to tackle him when the man brought his leg up quickly, spin kicking Hajima into the ground. Hajima landed hard on his shoulders and skidded back, rolling onto his stomach as he finally stopped. The mystery man completed his graceful spin by throwing Tiroid against the building, cracking the foundation. Tiroid’s body slid down and he hunched over, coughing up blood and spit. The man turned swiftly to face Hajima who recovered from the assault and had leapt up from his spot. Hajima extended his leg out and sped down fast but the man dodged quickly to the side, letting him pass. The moment Hajima’s body flashed down beside the man, he raised his arm up and harshly elbowed into Hajima’s stomach, knocking him back once again. Tiroid came from the side, and the man slashed his metallic arm out to slap him, but his arm only hit steel.
Tiroid had formed his blade to block and the sound of the two forces hitting echoed dully across the grounds. Tiroid held the blade at a sideways angle, the hilt up beside his forehead and the blade pointed down to the ground. His crimson eyes glared angrily into the man’s pale blue ones. A sudden chill fell heavily amongst the three men and suddenly an ice pillar formed under the blonde man. He quickly glanced down as the pillar jutted up from the ground, showering the grass with its freeze. Tiroid somersaulted to the side, his hand getting burned from the frigid ice. His eyes strayed from the man and Tiroid glanced back the moment he landed, but saw nothing. Milina ran up to him, gasping for air. Hajima walked beside her and looked back at the ice scorched ground.
The attack came too quickly for either man to react.

Milina suddenly fell backward, and both Hajima and Tiroid reeled to the side calling out to her. The blonde man harshly jerked her up, pulling on her slender arm and grabbing her blue hair, tilting her head back. Milina cried out, struggling against him but ceased once he grabbed her hair. He swiftly wrapped an arm around her neck but held onto the back of her head with his other. He pulled her body against his and pressed his cheek onto hers, smirking at the two men.
”My, my…a woman having to come to your rescue. Let’s see how you do without your protector, gentlemen.” The blonde man said, his voice low and mocking. Tiroid’s blood boiled and he angrily threw his blade to the side, looking only at the man’s face pressed against his wife’s. The man’s smirk slowly melted from his face as he looked straight at Hajima. Hajima instantly gave a start once that mans eerie blue eyes looked at him.
Here,” he snarled out, “Catch.” The blonde man turned violently and then flung Milina straight across the lawn.
“NO!!” Tiroid yelled out, his eyes widening in horror. He instantly leapt up to go after her but the man harshly punched him back, sending Tiroid sprawling. Hajima ran past them both but he was too late. Milina’s body crashed into the ground and her slender body thrashed and came to a crashing halt as she hit a low fountain wall. Hajima collapsed beside her.
“My queen!” he only cried out, gently yet firmly he grabbed her shoulders, pulling her up beside him, cupping her bloodied face. Her head hung limply in his hold and her body was slack. Hajima felt her neck shakily for a pulse and breathed out a thank you, feeling a faint one. Tiroid yelled out his name and Hajima pulled Milina’s body against his and leapt up. The moment he was airborne the blonde mans clawed hand shattered the ground and cracked the fountain where they had just been. Hajima landed on the domed roof of a veranda overlooking the garden and he continued his way down, sprinting across the cobble-stoned walkway. The blonde man jumped up, looking like a pale bird of prey and moved across the sky towards Tiroid. Tiroid twisted and sent an Energy Surge into the man’s outstretched arm. The move caught him off guard and he flipped in the air, landing gracefully. Tiroid came down fast on him and they grappled. Tiroid kept his yell in as the man’s clawed hands ripped through his arms. The blonde man pulled Tiroid down and they both stopped and stared in each other eyes. Tiroid breathed out ragged, shaking with pain and rage, whereas the blonde man stared at him stoically. He let go of Tiroid’s arms, jerking him back.
Before Tiroid could react the mans mouth opened and a loud roar emitted from it. His face contorted and seemed to lengthen and he stretched his arms out, keeping his palms faced out to Tiroid. The roar extended over the area and a dark energy spun amongst the clouds above. A black cyclone of dark energy swept down and covered them both. Tiroid raised both his hands and hunched over, his long coat whipping wildly around him. As soon as the dark energy converged over the land, it ceased. Tiroid wearily raised his head up, lowering his arms slowly. The blonde man stood there, erected straight and his body seemed to be as hard as marble in the sun. His face was directed to the side, and he didn’t even look at Tiroid. Something had caught his attention towards the building where this all started. Tiroid too looked and his eyes widened in surprise.
Tinoff stood there, tall despite the fact he was clutching his ribs. He had trouble breathing and his gaze was locked only on the blonde man who stared back. Tinoff tilted his head to the side and spit bitterly before addressing the man.
“What are you trying to pull now?” He asked, straightening his back painfully. The blonde man glanced quickly at Tiroid than walked to Tinoff.
“I was wondering when you’d awaken. It couldn’t have hurt that much.”
“Ya ruddy bastard! Why the hell did you start this? Teasing them won’t get you anywhere.”
The man scowled a little at that comment, stopping in front of Tinoff, resting a hand on his hip and eyeing Tinoff carefully. “Don’t even try and dictate my actions.”
“What are you trying to prove by killing them now?”
“I wasn’t going to kill anyone.”
Tinoff scoffed, “You threw the friggin’ Queen into the fountain. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was dead on contact.”
“I made sure to throw her lightly.”
“I know my strength, Tinoff.”
“Quit acting so tough, by the look of ya I couldn’t tell anything. That is until you nearly ripped my fuckin’ stomach open!” Tinoff roared back.
The man scowled at Tinoff, a little annoyed with the way he was carrying on. Tiroid all this time remained silent in mute rage. Tinoff seemed to have noticed the king finally and leaned to the side, peering behind the blonde man. His eyebrow flickered up and he looked back into the man’s face. They both remained silent, talking with their eyes. Tiroid suddenly snapped out of his dazed state and stalked towards them. Tinoff’s eyes flashed behind the blonde man again, looking right at Tiroid.
“Have you even told Tir here who you are?” Tinoff asked the man, not taking his eyes off of Tiroid’s approach. The man turned sideways, keeping his metallic hand on his hip and eyed Tiroid. The moment the blonde man’s eyes were on him, Tiroid stopped and glared at them both. Just as he was about to speak the blonde man cut him off.
“Tinoff is right. I was rude and did not think to give you my name.” He said, taking a step back. He placed his arm across his stomach and bowed deeply to Tiroid. Even though it seemed to be of respect, Tiroid only saw it as mockery. The blonde man straightened his posture and looked at him coolly.
“I am the one who came before your creator, Hii. I am what started everything.” He said coldly, and then Chaos raised his hand up to Tiroid’s face, curling his fist into a ball and pointing one metallic finger. “I am the Creation and I am the End. The Rogue’s have started to bore me with their existance,” Chaos continued, lowering his hand again, “I decided to get rid of the bad blood that seemed to turn out from it.”
Tiroid’s eyes widened in shock and his face went pale from all this sudden anger. His eyes flashed to a deeper shade of crimson and he narrowed them dangerously, knitting his brow into a line.
“Bad blood?! I am a direct descendent of Hii himself! You can’t just come in here posing as Chaos and saying you want us gone! Are you some kind of fuckin’ spy from the Saiya-jins?!” Tiroid roared out. Chaos’ pale blue eyes suddenly flashed with anger and he slashed his arm to the side, stepping forward and closer to Tiroid. The moment his arm shot out, a rip occurred in the grass and the building to the side shook and a crack etched in its side. Tinoff looked over at the building, whereas Tiroid didn’t even flinch. Instead he raised up his head and sneered, feeling the adrenaline slowly start to take over in his veins.
Tinoff watched Tiroid in this instance and turned quickly to the side, hearing the faint sound of Soldiers being rushed to the spot. Chaos turned his head to the side and glanced in the direction Tinoff was staring. Tiroid reacted fast in this break of silence. Rushing forward he suddenly stooped low and clutched the hilt of his blade. Tiroid put all his weight down in his left side and swung the blade inwards at Chaos’ side. Chaos whipped to the side, slashing his arm up and turning. A deafening sound resonated through the area as Chaos’ metallic hand knocked Tiroid’s blade all the way to the side. But that wasn’t the end of it. Chaos moved closer to Tiroid and grabbed his blade, wrenching it free from his hand. Tiroid had barely any time to catch his balance when Chaos ruthlessly shoved his own blade into Tiroid’s stomach.
Tiroid gagged on his blood as it rushed out. Lowering his head he coughed it all up over Chaos’ arm. He hunched over in agony, leaning against Chaos. The Soldier’s were nearing the spot and their weapons could be heard. Chaos leaned back and took Tiroid’s chin in his hand, ignoring the blood as it flowed freely from his mouth. Chaos lowered his face beside his and stared into his eyes. Tiroid gurgled softly, starting to choke on his blood.
“…I won’t be the one that kills you. Your time to die won’t be now. Pain is fleeting. This pain is very…quick…” Chaos said gently, locking Tiroid’s gaze. “It won’t be imbedded into your memory. The only thing that will ever damage you is what I’ve hurt that you couldn’t protect…..Like your wife.”
Tiroid’s head began to slowly swim and his eyes rolled back and he coughed harshly. Blood spattered and flecked against Chaos’ bare chest and Chaos dropped Tiroid to the ground. He turned and looked at Tinoff silently. Tinoff only nodded and the both of them sank through the ground.

* * *

What to do now…
….-ow many dead….
…-eath is a tragedy, but a mill-…
-a statistic…
….Are? ..A statist-
I don’t want to die.

The battle with the Saiya-jins was inevitable at some point, and war was waged across Bree. The time span this happened occurred four days after Chaos had incarcerated Tiroid. The Rogue Knights fought valiantly for their kingdom, but the crushing blow of the battle came when Tinoff himself rushed into the war….

* * *

Tinoff clashed headlong into a Rogue and flipped over him after locking blades. He landed gracefully and in a low crouch. Rushing into the Rogue’s legs, Tinoff tripped him and stabbed clean through his chest while on the ground. Pulling it out, Tinoff leaped back, rushing into another Knight and making a quick kill. Slowly, Tinoff made his way into the city. The sounds of people screaming, crying..dying. He only laughed hollow through the streets, running up along a narrow city wall, dodging a stream of Energy. He increased his speed and rushed the source, slashing down on instinct. His blade cut clean through the street and broke it in half, shattering all the way to the opposite wall. The Rogue attacked from above, slashing down with deadly accuracy. Tinoff rolled to the side as the Rogue’s blade sank into the ground. Before he could pull his weapon up, Tinoff had risen and sliced his neck and collarbone. Tinoff leapt backwards, somersaulting to the low roofs and ran off, leaving the Rogue to die.
Tinoff continued his pursuit along the roof tops, dodging the ongoing attacks from the air. Rogue Knight’s had acquired the ability of flight at some time and now they all took to the sky, fighting the Saiya-jins. These Knights were very powerful in their own right. They possessed wings that marked their power. Black being the basic, Grey being stronger, and Crimson the strongest of them all. Tinoff flipped to the side as a Knight came right at him with a lance pointed out towards his mid-section. He landed on his hand and completed the somersault; landing gracefully in a crouch. He created an Energy Surge and threw it right into the Knight’s face, sending him down to the ground below.
Tinoff turned quickly and launched himself off, ducking into the alley ways and continued his quick sprint through the city. Soon he reached his designation; the Palace. Tinoff cleared the steep steps, but retreated every so often as a wave of Knights converged onto his spot. He instead headed to the side of the Palace walls, leaping onto its narrow sides and ran across it. The Knights threw Surges at him, and he had no choice but to jump off to the side into the garden. They followed in close pursuit, and Tinoff decided to make it harder for them and took to the Palace itself. Upon his sprint up the walk, he came across someone he wasn’t expecting.

Milina stopped where she was. It felt like ice water had run through her veins the moment she saw him. She had never been up close to Tinoff before, but now he was barely at arm’s length and staring straight into her. He was tall and foreboding. His hair framed his strong face, stray hairs was stuck to his forehead with sweat. Her eyes went down his body quickly and she drew in a quick breath upon seeing his stained blade clenched tightly in his hand. His arms were strong and she could see how strained his muscles were.
Startling her out of her thoughts, Tinoff took a step toward her and kept his eyes steadied only on hers. As he neared, she saw the caked blood on his features. It had striped his dark hair and his chin was scraped roughly. Milina backed away, letting out a soft whimper as tears came from her eyes without her own consent. Tinoff reached out suddenly and grabbed her shoulder, pulling her forward quickly. She let out a sob and struggled against him but he drew the side of his blade to her throat. Milina choked back another sob, tilting her face up to the sky and watched the figures fly throughout the air with her blurry vision. Tears streamed down her cheeks and she shook visibly in front of him. Tinoff scraped the blade underneath her chin, making her tilt her head all the way back.
Just as he was about to dig the weapon deeper into her skin, he jerked his eyes quickly to the side. A little child was standing there, and Tinoff could see the kid’s eyes from his position. The girls eyes were wide with horror and her mouth was open as if to shout. Chaos’ words came to mind now as he eyed the child. Narrowing his eyes on her, he realized this must be the kid he was talking about. Milina hadn’t seemed to notice her, but she did feel Tinoff pause. The child came out from her shock and made a soft noise.
“Mama?” she called out in a weak voice. Milina gasped then started to cry, trying to control her voice as she spoke.
“Kiv-Kiva run away! Go now!…Please.” she choked out. Tinoff snarled a low animal growl and pushed the blade deeper against Milina’s skin, chafing it. A slight trickle of red formed against the very edge of the blade as it sliced underneath her chin. Kiva only cried out again to her and ran forward, tears streaming from her eyes.
Tinoff suddenly pulled back the blade and Milina looked off to the side, crying out for Kiva to stop. She looked at Tinoff with horror and thought for a moment that he would kill her child. Tinoff’s eyes shifted back to hers and everything seemed to slow down at once around Milina. Tinoff pulled his blade back and kept a firm hold on her shoulder. She knew what was happening and she closed her eyes in pain before it came. Just as Kiva came running up to them both, Tinoff jabbed his blade right into Milina’s stomach and clear through her body. She gagged out blood as her head jerked back in pain. She clenched her teeth and numbly she felt him draw out the blade. He shoved her back and Milina fell limp on her back, laying at an odd angle. Slowly she placed a hand over her wound and felt instant warmth. Blood had started to pool around her and clung to her long blue hair, making it tangled. Her eyes flickered to black as she rested the side of her head against the ground, staring blankly at a moving image that came beside her.
Soft hands touched her face and the last thing she heard was Kiva’s voice. Milina used up all her strength to lift her head up and focused once more on the child’s face. Before she could talk, blood rushed from her throat and she convulsed. Milina’s eyes faded to gray and she lay still. Her breath finally leaving in the air. Kiva sat on her knees beside her mother, trembling and crying softly. She had been biting her lower lip the whole time and now blood ran down her chin. She suddenly became aware of “him”.
Turning on the ground she blinked fast, staring up at him. He only returned the stare then took hold of his blade and walked up to her.

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