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Tinoff leaned against the cold wall, sitting on the ground. His legs were stretched out and his arms lay limp by his sides. Tinoff’s head lay to the side, nodding slowly as he slept. Voices came into his dreams once more, shattering them. He lifted his head up, moaning softly, slumping back down and disappearing into his nightmares. A repeating noise was the only sound he heard. Slowly he opened one eye but closed it. His vision was painfully blurry. It felt like his eyes were burning. And the flapping noise continued on.
He opened his eyes again, lifting his head up. The dim cell room had a single window. In the sun beam that came down through the darkness hovered a demon. Tinoff grunted in pain and slowly stood, looking at the demon. Dust particles swirled in the sun beam, creating an invisible cloak around the demon’s moving wings. His great forehead curved up around the back of his skull. He was black with red markings along the inside of his pulsing arms. Red markings were drawn along his face and chest. His wings looked bat-like, and they were curved in slightly, yet moving.
His hands were claws and they were open, revealing red palms that faced up to the ceiling. Tinoff saw how he was hovering now as he stood there in awe. The demons long leg was slowly bouncing up and down as he hovered there. His other leg was pulled backwards, keeping his balance. A long tail whipped in motion behind the demon. Tinoff swallowed thickly, feeling a cold sweat break across him. The demon’s head moved to lower his face, and its red eyes stared into Tinoff. Tinoff just blinked stupidly, not being able to think.
The demon closed his wings and lowered his other leg to the cell’s floor. His tail stilled and he arched his back with somewhat pride, staring into Tinoff. The demons hideous face suddenly sneered. All at once a dark energy spiraled through the room, choking the sunlight. Tinoff felt it press against his lungs and he stumbled down, trying desperately to breathe. Then, the darkness was gone. Tinoff lifted his head up, taking in much needed air. He quickly focused his attention back to the demon, and saw he was no longer there.
Rising to his feet he stared into the sunbeam then walked to it. He moved his hand through quickly, pulling it out as if he was burned. He extended his arm again and bathed it in the light, then looked over to the window. Tinoff lowered his arm to his side, letting out a sigh. He turned around, then opened his eyes in shock. Sliding backwards he faced the tall, gaunt man in the room.
The mans chest was bare and sickenly pale. His body was bare until below his stomach, where leather was sewn loosely across him. Wrapped around the loose leather pieces was a long skirt that swept the ground behind him, yet did not show in front of him. His stomach and chest were very slender and lean. But it was his arms that Tinoff noticed in the sunlight. Across his neck and arms were strings. They held metal shoulder pads to his upper arms.
The man’s elbows and hands were metallic and his hands resembled claws. His hair was short and a pale blonde. The messy tangles barely touched his slender shoulders. His eyes were empty and a dull blue. Tinoff was so taken aback by his appearance he only stared in the moment that passed.

“Hello, Tinoff.” The man said with a calm air. “I have been watching you for along time now.”
“Who the hell are you?” Tinoff asked.
“What do you think I am?” The man asked.
“Were you that demon?” Tinoff said, feeling the cold weigh him down again.
The man nodded. “That is my original form. But this…” he lifted his arms up, the metallic hands clicking softly as he unwrapped them from their balled up position. “This is the form I have used for many millennia.” He said, smiling with satisfaction.
“That’s all fine, but who are you?” Tinoff pressed again.
“I am the beginning of you and the Rogue’s. I am Chaos.” Chaos answered back.

Wrenn picked up the katana blades strap and slung it over his left shoulder, walking to the door. His head still ached from the battle with Tinoff. Wrenn felt a chill run down his spine when he walked through the now clean hallway. The bodies had been taken away and it was now uncomfortably clean. Rubbing at his temples, Wrenn ran into someone when he turned the corner.
“Oh, excuse me.” Wrenn apologized. “I wasn’t paying attention..” He continued, eyeing the short man in front of him.
“Hey, hey! Watch where you're GOING! It’s freaky enough around here, bub!” The short man yelled. Wrenn raised an eyebrow and sidled along the wall to get away from him. All of a sudden, a thought came to him.
“You know what happened here?” Wrenn asked, focusing his gaze on the man.

“You betcha! I’m one of the special attack squads here! Movin’ up in the ranks, of course. The names Madison.” He said, thrusting a hand out to Wrenn. Wrenn blinked in awe of the man’s skill at talking. He shook his senses away and shook his hand. Madison was an interesting person indeed. He was wearing the regular navy blue dress shirt and slacks for the High, with the emblem of the Suluran’s on his right shoulder patch. His hair was untidy and a deep red.
Madison’s face had some freckles along the bridge of his nose, but his eyes were a keen ice blue.
Madison was somewhat lacking in the muscle and height department, though. He was short and lean. His pants hung down off his hips, the belt not even looped properly. Tugging at his drooping pants, he walked through the hallway, Wrenn tagging along.
“So, how’d ya know ‘bout this here ‘incident’….uh,” and Madison paused here, eyeing Wrenn quickly. “I don’t even know your name, pal.”
“The name’s Wrenn.”
Madison nodded hastily, not really seeming to listen anyways. He pulled his pants up again, leading Wrenn to the door.
“Well, your not allowed through here, pal.” Madison said, reaching for the door. When he opened it, Wrenn saw someone that made him gasp and grab the door. Wrenn slammed the door shut again, making Madison fall forward into it.
Ah, shit…--he thought--Hajima….Wrenn moved away from the door, looking around the multiple hallways, not wanting to go that way. Madison’s voice suddenly shattered his panic.
“What the hell was that for?! I was opening the goddamn door for ya!” Madison muttered more things under his breath, knowing full well Wrenn could hear. Suddenly the door opened, and he could see some Guardians leading Hajima in. Wrenn let out a gasp and grabbed Madison, bolting into a room, slamming the door behind him. The group looked at the door questionably, and one of the Elders stepped up to it.
Wrenn peered out through the little window, then shoved Madison in front of him.
“Hey, hey! Ya better quit this, ma—“ Madison choked on his words as Wrenn grabbed the back of his neck, growling into his ear in a low voice.
“You came into this room because you were sent to check on a disturbance, everything is under control though.”
“What?? You shoved me into this room! How the hell cou—“ then the reason came to Madison. Wrenn’s fingers dug into the back of his neck though, so he couldn’t speak anymore. The door opened and Wrenn moved behind the open door, silent.
“What’s happening here, Op? Why aren’t you at your post?” The Elder questioned, eyeing Madison sternly. His uniform showed he was nothing more then a technician.
“Well…you see, a Guardian of one of these..sectors said, that…a….mou—err—disturbance was in the area. I was sent to check.” Madison stuttered out. Wrenn clenched his eyes shut, knowing that his explanation wasn’t solid if the guy was going to fumble with his words. Madison looked up wearily into the Elders stern face. He shifted his weight uneasily, then glanced behind the Elder, spotting an older man. The man was watching the Elder, peeking in at him.
Madison saw right away that he was a Rogue. Tattoo’s went up his arm and to his neck. The Elder spoke harshly in Suluran then took something off of her wrist, tapping the small round oval that was imbedded there. Madison opened his eyes in alarm.
“No!” he shouted. T
he Elder raised both eyebrows in shock, then knitted them in a brow, glaring at him. Madison instantly clamped his mouth shut, turning red. His hair made the sight look even more amusing. Hajima let out a stiff chuckle.
“I mean—a..uh..well, they just yelled for me really…quickly! Told me about the—err—noise.” Madison cleared his throat, then shifted his weight again. The Elder just knitted her brow and glared down at him. Wrenn tried not to move from his uncomfortable position, but it was getting hard. This guy was totally screwing up, Wrenn thought to himself.
Hajima, who was growing tired of this man, glanced over to the side of the door. His eyes caught a movement there. He took a step over to it, and eyed the crack of the door. Wrenn, who was at the other side, noticed how close Hajima had come. Taking in a quick breath, he immediately looked over to Madison. Madison glanced to Wrenn, and saw the urgency in his eyes. The Elder had began to scold him in Suluran and turned swiftly to face the other man. Hajima blinked in surprise, then straightened up as the Elder talked with him.
“Excuse me a moment, General Hajima. It seems this tech was called here for some kind of disturbance, but for some reason--,” and she looked over at Madison, sternly. “This man won’t give a definite reason as to WHY he’s here…”
“Well, I explained as best I could, miss.” Madison spoke up.
Hajima looked at the crack again, and realized he was looking at someone hiding there. Stepping forward, he shoved Madison, making him stumble backwards. Rounding around the door, he saw to his dismay, Wrenn.
“What in the name of Triad are you doing here, Wrenn?!” Hajima said.
Wrenn lifted his head up, smiling sheepishly. “Oh, hi, Hajima.” He chuckled nervously. “Fancy meeting you here…”

Chaos walked to the windowsill and laid his metallic hands on it, peering out. The sunlight illuminated his pale hair, making it shine. His skin was even more white in the light, and Tinoff saw that he had an odd coloring down his back. Chaos had a long and decorative cross tattooed along his spine and back. Tinoff stared at it, wondering what it meant. Chaos turned, and leaned against the windowsill, folding his arms. His eyes bore into Tinoff.
“You have heard about the Saiya-jins, am I correct?” he questioned.
“Yeah, everyone over at the High was talking about that. It seems that this safe haven here will be bombed to Setti.” Tinoff said.
“That was genius what you did about the Rogue’s. Tiroid must have been so angry…wish I could have seen his face.”
Tinoff smirked, remembering. “He wasn’t too happy.” Tiroid knew the consequences for what Tinoff had done, and that’s why he had went to that particular High. Even though he was half Saiya-jin, his characteristics was that of a Rogue, and so they would blame it on them. Bree would be destroyed in the Saiya-jins onslaught, and that is all Tinoff wanted to make sure of.
“Where will you be during the battle?” Chaos asked. When Tinoff looked up to his eyes, Chaos’ gaze was on the far wall, staring blankly.
“I’ll be making sure the royal family dies. And then I’ll help the Saiya-jins. The least I can do…” Tinoff answered back, folding his arms across his chest. He fell silent in thought, wanting to ask Chaos all these questions, but he had to at least make sure it was the right one.
“When will the war begin?” Tinoff finally asked him, glancing up quickly. Chaos just stared at the wall, his head titled sideways. The expression on his face was if he were thinking of something else.
“Tinoff…do you know the royal family…?” He said, turning his head slowly to look at him. Tinoff blinked, then nodded.
Chaos went on, his voice sounded far away. “It’s the woman, Milina. And her husband, Tiroid. Bu what about….the daughter?”
Tinoff thought back, trying to remember. He imagined the Queen, her figure always amazed him. And Tiroid was this impressive power that always loomed in his mind. But he never noticed anyone else. He didn’t even know if the Emperor and his Queen had a child. Much less a girl.
“I don’t know,” he said. “I know only about Tiroid.” Tinoff said. Chaos’ brows knitted together and his face seemed to darken slightly in thought.
“Why do you ask?” Tinoff said.
“Well…the child is a thing of importance, you see. You need to make sure that she does not escape during the attack.”
Tinoff nodded, still wondering what he meant by this. He didn’t even know about a kid.
“I honestly didn’t know they had had a child. Why does the kid need to be killed?”
“Because, she will be one of the few that may be saved, and we need to make sure that ALL Rogue’s are gone. Her genes are dangerous.” Chaos explained, seeming to get exasperated. “Just make sure of that detail, Tinoff.”
Tinoff made a face, but nodded. He had remembered about the teachings of Chaos, and he had even filled him in. Chaos was the first wandering power in the Suluran world. He came upon a boy named Hitotsu and took him as a pupil. The Suluran’s were careful about outside powers, and if he had appeared in either form he used now, then they would have known. Instead he used the guise of a Wastrel. Wastrels were large cat-like beasts that were often forced to do labor. Their large build, yet obedient natures made them ideal for hard labor.
Chaos called himself Nemicis, and slowly befriended the young Hitotsu. Under Chaos’ teachings, Hitotsu learned about many things, and soon came to realize the importance of Nemicis’ power. The ruler of Sulura at that time was Sankon. Hitotsu was in his later teen years when he came to the Emperors throne. Nemicis at his side, Hitotsu severely wounded the Emperor and killed most of the court. None of their magic worked, and then Nemicis’ true form showed. The royal palace was left to burn soon. Hitotsu went with Chaos, and learned more about his power and the mission to be bestowed to him. One of the many things Chaos wanted from Hitotsu was a war with the Saiya-jins. And then, once Hitotsu had made more of his kind, and giving them a name fit for the way they would live, Hitotsu disappeared. Chaos was soon gone, and there was no recognition of these events since they happened before time could be properly kept. Suluran’s, over time, learned to cope with the Rogues, and saw the benefit of them. They took an alliance with the Rogues, and the rules were easy: Rogues fought for the High and the Suluran’s, Suluran’s would offer them protection and healing purposes. This trust held for centuries, until one Rogue was born. Tinoff was a mixbreed, but he wasn’t born this way.
The Saiya-jins had attacked many times before, but never really achieved any kind of harmful status. They were more a nuisance. In one of the attacks though, their view would be forever changed.
Tinoff’s features seemed to darken as he remembered all of this, including his own birth. He had never known the details, but recently he learned he was a Saiya-jin-Rogue. It disturbed him greatly that he never knew his exact origin, but he let that slide from his thoughts later in his adulthood.
Tinoff let out a heavy sigh, then looked over to Chaos. He instantly brought his gaze down. Chaos had been watching him the whole time his thoughts were gone.
“Are you remembering the facts that the Suluran’s have said about me?” Chaos asked.
Tinoff nodded. “Yeah…I don’t know much though. They’re pretty apprehensive when it comes to you and Hii.”
Chaos nodded his head once, then turned his profile, looking out the single window. Tinoff shoved a hand into his pants, slumping his shoulders down. The silence in the room was torture, and Chaos made him unnerved.
“Look quick, Tinoff. Lord Tiroid stalks along his manicured territory.” He said, motioning to the window with his head. Tinoff walked over beside him, gazing out the hole. He caught a faint glimpse of Tiroid, outside along the marble arches. A tall slender woman was next to him, seeming to remain silent while Tiroid talked with another man. Tinoff placed an arm down on the windowsill, then leaned out against the glass pane. His breaths fogged his view, and he withdrew, annoyed.
“Who is he talking with?” Tinoff asked Chaos.
“I believe the other person is General Hajima. I saw the faint marking’s down the other mans arm,” he answered, moving to Tinoff’s side. He too leaned closer to the window pane, pressing his forehead into it. “The woman there…is Milina, correct?” He asked. Raising a metallic hand he took a step back, resting it in the very center of the window.
“Yeah, that’s his wife. Quite a looker..” Tinoff said, watching him. Chaos nodded, then shattered the glass with an energy pulse. Everyone on the ground level looked up in alarm.
“What the HELL are you doin’?!” Tinoff whispered savagely. Chaos stood rigid, lowering his right hand, and instantly brought up his other. His index finger shot up, while his palm remained flat. Tinoff blinked fast, then gasped as his head tilted up against it’s own will. He stood on his toes, feeling immense pressure lift him up, yet pull him down. He grunted in pain, feeling like his body was about to be torn. He waved his arms out to Chaos, struggling to yell out. A searing hot pain came across his stomach, and he got the sickening image of his torso being torn in half.
Tinoff screamed, the pain too much to bear.

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