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A tall man passed under the eves of the large trees. He had short hair with bangs that reached out from his forehead. He possessed a scar on the left side of his neck, it seemed to go further down, past his collar. He held the presence of power, but his eyes gave that away. They were a dark crimson, and they were as cold as his tone when he stopped suddenly and spoke.
“I didn’t come to cause harm, call your soldiers off, Hajima.” He stood with his fist on his belt, his thumb near the hilt of the katana blade that was concealed under his long coat. The threat of rain neared as the sky rumbled. A man dropped from the treetops and landed in a crouch. He rose up and formed a blade in that instant, twirling and gripping it in a one-handed hold with the point touching the grab.
“A Rogue like yourself is not welcome in these territories. Leave now, and peacefully. “ Hajima growled. His eyes were a dark blue, watching the younger man in front of him. The stranger looked to the side, keeping his hand on his hip. Just in case.
Hajima didn’t seem to notice the deadly nature inside of this Rogue. Hajima was tall and gaunt, he bore tattoo’s along his naked right shoulder and arm. His other shoulder had an armor pad around it, and it covered around his waist. Hajima was the general of Daevas; a Rogue military force which had great influence over the southern part of Triad.

The stranger checked around the surrounding area, watching the Soldiers in Stealth.
“I’m telling you once more……leave.” Hajima said again, keeping his tone the same. To his surprise, the stranger shook his head, chuckling softly.
“If I wanted to leave, I doubt you’d let me. You’re so blood thirsty, Hajima. You wouldn’t let me go without some sort of battle.” The man answered back, returning his stare into the general.
He scoffed, “Why would I want to fight you? Your nothing but a half-breed that was abandoned by his family. I have no idea on why Tiroid let you live…” Hajima’s voice trailed off. He shifted his weight carefully, waiting for a reaction. Tinoff didn’t satisfy him in making one. Hajima soon grew uneasy with the silence. He took a step back and turned, motioning slightly with his head to the trees. A wave of Soldiers dropped down from the leaves, and made their weapons appear in their hands all at the same time. The sounding of the metal and the Soldiers were halted, and silence came again. Hajima sank through the ground, leaving the Soldiers to finish. Tinoff raised his head and flicked back his bang, smirking.

“Want to play with me now, eh? Tinoff unsheathed his katana. Light came from the side of the blade, making it seem like it was alive. He held the blade tightly gripped with one hand, bringing it to his other. He pulled at the hilt and another blade was made. He pulled the other one down skillfully, both blades six-feet long, their points dangling on the ground. The sky suddenly crack with thunder, and a lightning bolt flew down in the far distance. Rain came from the dark clouds, but the tree tops were too thick for it to be a nuisance. The Soldiers then attacked the moment he sliced one of their legs off and gutted the corpse. He wasn’t that good on sneaking behind Tinoff. There were a dozen Soldiers, save the one Tinoff just sliced. One Soldier stood back from the rest and focused on a Firaga spell. All the Soldiers flipped away as he threw the stream of flames into Tinoff. Once the smoke had cleared the Soldiers looked over at the scorched crater.
“Ha! The wuss disappeared!” The Soldiers in the front line phased out as well. The ones in the back remained where they are. They lowered their short swords and listened patiently.
Nothing but silence.
Tinoff had disappeared or was charred dirt in that crater. One of the Soldiers broke the silence by laughing about him.
“That Tinoff was nothing. Why couldn’t Hajima finish him off himself, eh?” One Soldier asked. The rest shrugged. Lightning cracked down and the thunder roared in the distance.

Night had settled in along the horizon of Bree. Wrenn watched the stars come out in the single window that was available in the crowded room. Several Rogue Knights were reporting to Tiroid. Saiya-jins had been spotted in the outskirts of Triad. Wrenn’s mind wasn’t that focused on the shady report. Done by a reject Wastrel, no less. His eyes detected someone watching him. Fixing his blue eyes into a glare at the image he ignored it. Kilana had wrecked enough, it was bad enough she even expected him to speak with her after the incident. Someone called out his name, and he turned, breaking from his thoughts. The captain beckoned him over and Wrenn left his view of the open stars.
“You’ve heard the report so I won’t have to repeat, right?” The captain said gruffly. Wrenn nodded.
“Good. Listen to the task at hand now. A Wastrel, by the name of Callisto was scouting in the outside reaches of Kaimai. She said that in the time of 63:09 and 10, a brief energy level appeared. The Wastrel’s are adept in energy readings, and Callisto was confirmed to be in that range. The Wastrel said that there were two sources. Yet only one was activated. She said the power was then cut off. At the same moment that this happened, the two energies dissipated. She reported to the High, and the Guardian there gave us these discs on confirmation.” The captain held up his two fingers a small round CD disc appeared on the tips. He flicked his hand back and caught it in his palm, walking to the control console in the center. He placed the disc in and ordered for the upload. The tech immediately set to work, un-encrypting the file sent by the High. A screen appeared in front of them all, and everyone in the room stopped and grew silent from their talking. A tall woman dressed in a light blue with white hair appeared clear on the fuzzy screen. Her image broke every now and then as the tech worked on the image. She smiled warmly, and her silver eyes showed that she was a Suluran. She spoke first in Suluran dialect, then she spoke in our tongue. Her accent was still strong, but we could understand.

“My name is Sylkis. I am a Guardian of the star system of Quadra—sim 4. We regret to inform the royal Knight’s of Bree about this situation,” she took a breath. Her eyes showed worry now and her voice spoke earnest.
“Two Saiya-jins were spotted at the Eastern Limit’s of the realm.” She stopped again and stepped to the side, instantly a map appeared on a blank wall. Dots were scattered, and they looked like stars. The dots settled on positions, and Sylkis spoke once more.
“These Saiya-jins showed themselves in only their energy output. The power reading went to .3% then vanished. We aren’t sure of what breed they were, or they’re full potential. Unfortunately, we figured out the reason they came to Triad. The Emperor and the Empress are the targets, we believe.”
A murmur ran through the crowd. The captain yelled suddenly above it.
“Everyone calm down!!” He turned suddenly to the image.
“What do you mean? How can these Saiya-jins even think of getting close to the Royal family? They’re insane!” He yelled furiously at her. But to everyone’s dismay, the Suluran seemed deaf to his voice. One of the techs stifled a chuckle, and the captain flushed.
The Guardian was only a mere recording, she couldn’t answer back to his outraged questions.

Tiroid stood beside one of the large windows in his chamber. He had rested his forehead on the glass and kept his palms flat against it. He had long since been told the news about the Saiya-jins. The first thought that came to him was how could they have reached Triad, then the thought of how the battle would be, and finally about his family. A shadow moved in the hazy glass and he felt someone’s arms around his waist. He wrapped his hand around the warm hand of his wife and clenched his eyes closed.
“I heard the report about the Saiya-jins.” She said, her voice breaking the silence. Tiroid only nodded. “Can we stand an attack by them? What about our warriors? We can—”
“Milina, I’m afraid our strongest are in Naiko. We can’t suffer any kind of attack without knowing their limitations. How many could they have….when can they attack…what is their purpose….if there ever is one….” He moved to the side swiftly, and pulled her closer, bringing her hand to his cheek. He cupped her chin with his free hand, and looked into her eyes. Milina smiled tenderly, and stood on her toes to reach his ear.
“Whatever you choose, it will be a wise decision. I’m sure of it.” Her voice trailed off in his ear and she kissed him softly. He placed his hand onto her lower back, and held onto her. He had made a vow to her, and to his people about these wars. They were meaningless, and it was only bringing down each other’s ranks. The thought of peace fleeted into his mind when he saw the ruler of their race, but even then he spoke of nothing.
Milina pulled away and Tiroid’s hand lingered on her waist then fell to his side as she walked across the carpets. He turned and returned to his silent vigil, gazing up into the heavens, plotting on when the Saiya-jins will come. Milina glanced back at her husband, seemingly lost staring into the sky, and she felt herself break, as she knew what he was searching for.
A way out from war.

Sylkis let out a deep sigh, then ran a hand through her silver hair. She lowered it to the desktop and looked down at her lap. The Rogue’s are in some serious trouble, and there’s nothing we can do to aid them. She lifted her gaze up when she heard footsteps approaching. She slid her chair to the opposite desk, and sized the man up and down curtly. He had obviously been fighting. Blood ran down the side of his mouth and has long since caked. His blue eyes were dim, and he stood at an awkward angle.
Sylkis cleared her throat, and touched the screen, activating it immediately.
“Hello, sir. Fighting I see. Well now, we can fix you up quickly, now if you would please give me your name and code.” She then tapped on the screen and stopped, watching him. The man had been standing there silent the whole time, and his eyes matched hers with a blank stare.
Perhaps he’s been through some trauma. she thought. Sylkis fixed a warm smile on her face, and stood up, circling the desk. The man’s eyes didn’t even leave her a moment. She walked past him, and stopped, motioning to him with her hands to follow. The man was obedient and did. She guided him to the medical room and opened the glass doors and entered, making sure he was behind her.
“Now, sir, if you would please remove your jacket and shirt so I can check for internal injuries.” She paused now, and eyed him, wondering if he understood. He moved his arms back, peeling his jacket off of his back. His arms were cut and Sylkis spied that they had been burnt. He arched his back forward and took the shirt off over his head. Sylkis turned her attention away and walked out from the room to a side niche, taking out some bandages and salves for his wounds. Sylkis walked back and eyed him quickly, as he was just standing there. His arms were large and muscular, and his stomach and sides were lean and ripped with muscle. He had some scratches along his chest and sides, and something that she noticed right off when she began to unwrap the bandages.

He had a tattoo on his right shoulder that wrapped itself down his arm, stopping at his elbow. She wet the cloth and moved over to him.
“Raise your arms, please.” She instructed. The man just looked down at her. She sighed, and placed a hand on her hip, irritated with his silent mood.
“Could you just listen to me since for some odd reason, your able to listen to me, yet not respond in the normal manner. I know you are not a deaf mute. Now raise your arms, sir.” She hurriedly said, losing tolerance for silent men. He blinked in surprise, and his dim eyes fixed humorously on her, and he smirked.
“Quit your whining, Suluran, and patch me up.” He said, his voice a low growl despite his smile. He hooked his hands together and placed them ontop of his head, looking up at the stark white ceiling. Sylkis muttered something venomous under her breath and wrapped his scratched up ribs.
“I didn’t quite catch your name, Suluran.” He said.
“Didn’t quite catch yours, sir.” She replied. His weight shifted and she stood up, moving to the side again to wet another cloth for his scrapes. This man-- she thought--is going to be very annoying. Her thoughts were interrupted when someone called out her name from the main office.
“Sylkis?” a woman’s voice asked. Sylkis straightened up and placed the cloth down on the table, and instructed him not to move around. He only lowered his arms and sneered at her. He watched her back a moment, and finally spoke up.
“The Guardian Sylkis, eh….?” He turned his attention outside, looking out among the cloud that was the ground here.

Sylkis dusted her hands off, and smiled at Noralla. Noralla was a slight girl, wearing loose pants and a tight shirt. Her most distinguishing feature was her elf ears. She smiled in return, her eyes bright under the glare the lights cast over her reading glasses.
“A man came in through the docking bay, and the Elder’s wanted me to make sure that he arrived in here. He was said to be walking in a daze.” She said, stuffing her hands into her back pockets, rising up and down on the balls of her feet as she spoke.
“You seem a little anxious, Noralla.” Sylkis commented, eyeing her friend with a bemused smile. Noralla flushed red, and lowered herself down off of her toes.
“Well…you see, the man was rumored to be Tinoff. I just wanted to see for my self…” she answered, smiling sheepishly. Sylkis felt the color drain from her face, and her hands went ice cold as she swallowed. When she spoke, she tried to control her voice from shaking.
“What made the Elder’s believe this man was Tinoff?” she asked.
“They saw him struggle with his coat, it was ripped a little—in shreds I hear—and they saw his marking. You know…that tattoo along his arm. They alerted some people to ask where he went, and one of them said he headed to this clinic.” Noralla paused and peered behind Sylkis, spotting the open doorway where she came from. Her eyes lit up instantly and she looked at Sylkis with excitement.
“Is he in there?? Oh My Lord, were you curing him? I wanna see, I wanna see!” She brushed past Sylkis but Sylkis caught her arm, pulling her back with a yank. Noralla let out an “ack” and was pulled from her feet. She looked up at Sylkis, her glasses hanging at an angle from her long ears. Noralla looked up, astonished by her friend’s behavior.
“Are you insane, Noralla? Tinoff is a wanted killer!” Sylkis hissed out. Noralla pulled her arm away from her, rubbing at it as if Sylkis had nearly tried to rip it off. Noralla stepped back and walked to the doorway of the clinic, ignoring Sylkis’ hushed voice. Fixing the glasses onto the bridge of her nose, she peeked in through the clear glass window. Noralla let out a slight gasp and Sylkis peered in. Tinoff was standing with his arms folded across his bare chest, and he was gazing out the window, oblivious to them.
“My Lord…he’s gorgeous!” Noralla breathed out. Sylkis looked over at her friend and saw that she was clearly drooling. “Oh, oh…I want him, look at his body…” Noralla trailed off and got a far away look in her eyes. Sylkis then took her arm and dragged her back to the middle of the room, taking her by the shoulders and shook her. Noralla’s glasses nearly fell off again.
“He’s a Rogue!” Sylkis hissed out between her teeth. Noralla only grinned, fixing her glasses.
“All the more fun, Rogue men are hot.” She giggled. Sylkis didn’t know how to convince her friend about how dangerous this Rogue was. She only shook her head and walked to the clinic doors, Noralla at her heel.

Tinoff glanced up and his eyes feigned surprise at the elf joining Sylkis. Sylkis had given Noralla instructions to not go near, touch, stare, or talk with him for too long of a period. She of course started to whine about this.
“Sorry about leaving you like this for so long—Ti—err—sir.” Sylkis corrected quickly. Tinoff eyed Noralla, and turned to Sylkis, lowering his arms to his sides. Sylkis spotted, from the corner of her eye, that Noralla was about to faint from the sight of him.
“Just hurry it up, Suluran.” He said gruffly. Sylkis huffed under her breath and took the bandage roll, just as she approached him again, an image screen appeared on the overhead, and Sylkis looked up at it sharply. A woman with her golden hair tied behind her head focused on the screen and spoke.
“Attention medical units, there seems to have been a breach in a hull of the docking bay, no patrons are to leave or enter into the holding rooms from this point in without proper tag and code. I repeat….” The Guardian reiterated the message and Sylkis dropped the bandages. She took a step away from him and grabbed Noralla, pulling her behind herself, fixing a glare on the man.
“Tinoff. Leave this complex now and I won’t tell a soul that you had entered into here for treatment. They’re looking for you now, they had spotted you in the docking bay.” Sylkis tried to control her fading voice, but fear clenched at her throat. Noralla had only said that they spotted this man down at the docking bay, maybe once he left the camera’s he had killed a few people in search of assistance away from their eye’s.

Wrenn thundered down the High’s hallways. The report had been from Hajima—the general of Daevas. Tinoff was alive and well, and seen around this High, wounded. He probably came in for medical attention. He took the stairs two by two, up the spiraling staircase. He noticed something odd as he slowed. There was hardly anyone here now. Wrenn came to some metal double doors and pulled on the handle, and immediately stepped back in horror, pressing his back against the wall.
He covered his hand over his mouth and leaned over, feeling like he was about to gag. He nearly leapt a mile in his skin when the heavy doors clanged shut. He hesitantly reached out and hooked his hand around the handle. Taking a breath he pulled it back open, stepping inside and letting it close behind him. The scene wasn’t any better the second time.
Soldiers had been slaughtered like pigs and were now laying out along the walls and floors, lifeless. Wrenn flicked his hand, making his katana blade appear. Swallowing the nausea that was evident in his throat, he leapt over the bodies, and nearly slipped in some intestines along the wall. Clenching his eyes closed, he leapt across the walls, gaining distance to the end of the corridor.
Taking a breath, he bellowed out: “Is anyone alive in here?!” he skidded to a stop at the door, ramming it open with his shoulder. Wrenn stumbled into the room, and turned around quickly, getting into a stance when the metal door banged behind him. His breathing came out shallow from the sprint and he relaxed his shoulders, turning slowly.

Wrenn’s eyes flicked quickly back and forth about the room. Tension gripped his shoulders again when he heard a door open, leaping back and taking ahold of the blade, he rushed the intruder with an angry cry. A shrill scream pierced the air and Wrenn stumbled back with shock, lowering the blade to his side in confusion. An elf girl was on the floor, covering her head with her arms. He took a step towards her and the girl scurried backwards, still on the ground.
“No, no, no, please don’t kill me!” she whimpered, fear choking her voice. Wrenn looked to the doorway she came out from as a Guardian ran out, looking first at the girl, then at him. He recognized her as the Guardian on the frequency that spoke of the Saiya-jins. She pulled the girl to her feet and they moved away from him quickly.
Before Wrenn could speak up and correct himself about the attack, a man stepped out from the doorway, and Sylkis looked at him coldly, clutching onto the frightened elf girl. Wrenn narrowed his eyes, knowing this man anywhere.
“What the fuck are you doin’ in the High, Tinoff? I saw your entrance back there!” Wrenn growled out. Tinoff—who was wearing only dirtied pants—straightened up his back, turning to face Wrenn squarely.
“Hajima had intercepted me in the woods—but he was taken care of.” Tinoff answered, fixing his mouth into a sneer. “So now I decided to visit this nice little High to seek out some healing remedies, this Guardian here,” and he motioned with his head to Sylkis, “fixed me up nicely.” He glanced over at the Guardian who was silent.

Wrenn stepped forward and pulled his blade up at an angle, but Tinoff stepped to the side the moment Wrenn struck down. In that instant, Tinoff had made his blade appear from the wind-bank to block. The two men glared into each other’s eyes. Wrenn stepped back, knocking Tinoff’s blade up, and slashed down at his bare torso. Tinoff turned swiftly, blocking with the edge and spun down to the ground, sweeping. Wrenn jumped a foot in the air and slashed at him again. Wrenn felt his blade tear, and he stepped back quickly. Tinoff grunted in pain, covering his gaping wound along his collar bone.
Wrenn did a sweep and brought the blade up in a semi-circle above his head, slicing up at Tinoff. Tinoff rolled and rammed into the Guardian and the elf, grabbing onto Sylkis. She screamed, hit and punched, until Tinoff let her go. Snarling venomously, he lowered his head, and his eyes lapsed over as they flickered from the dull blue to crimson.
Wrenn swore under his breath and grabbed the two women, leaping back with them under his arms. He threw them against the wall, harshly.
“Make a barrier! Cast Wall, now!” he yelled at Sylkis. She nodded and raised her hand up. A silver mist faded around her hand and a spherical shield appeared—then faded out—being replaced by a rainbow one. She lowered her hand and pressed her back against the wall, holding onto the elf girl.
Wrenn flicked his wrist forward, clutching the blade tightly with his two hands. A light barrier appeared and flickered with the energy Tinoff was already gathering. Wrenn felt the energy come, and concentrated. Tinoff’s eyes flickered to black and the room exploded.

“What the HELL was that?!” Madison yelled loudly. Alarms went off and the room faded to a deep red as the sirens wailed.
“Was that a friggin’ bomb? Where the hell did that explosion come from?!” Madison grabbed his rifle and leaped over the banister, dropping onto the docking bay floor level. Officers were running around trying to calm everyone since they were all overreacting. Primadonnas, he thought. Madison shouldered the gun and took off after his squad. His earpiece let out some static and his captains voice issued out the report. Apparently the Saiya-jin/Rogue, Tinoff, was loose in the High and killing people.
“Yeah! Finally some action! No god damn freakish Tinny gonna ruin MY chance at this!” Madison said, grinning maliciously at the thought of seeing this so called, “Demon” in action. The squad was stopped at some double doors, and Madison let out an irritated sigh.
“Come on, what’s the friggin’ deal? He’s up ahead, they have his spot locked on.” Madison argued. Suddenly he smelled something. Sniffing the air a moment he caught the whiff and went pale. Looking down at the ground past the squadron’s feet were streaks of fresh blood. He bit his lower lip and followed them in, stepping over body parts and other organs. Some of the men swore and commented, Madison did both.
“Sweet mother of Jesus. I think I see his eye ball, how fucked up is that?? Man, this guy reminds me of Hannibal—hey, hey! Does this Tinny guy eat people?!” he took a quick look around and saw that no snacking was being done on the bodies. Getting sick at the sight he decided to shut up, feeling that bagel he had for breakfast wanting to come up.

The burnt metal from the overhanging screen came crashing down after the silence from the explosion. Sylkis breathed harshly, feeling her heart about to leap from her throat. The squadron came in, turning on the lights over their rifles and Sylkis moved forward, Noralla trembling behind her. They radioed for medical attention and checked the area.
“Now, ma’am, what happened here?” one of the officers asked. Sylkis looked up and stuttered a moment.
“I-it was a-a-a Ro—a Rogue…” A few sparks flew from the charred computers, but no noise was registered when she said that.

Tinoff flew down fast, and stabbed into Wrenn, who evaded quickly. They both pulled away and gathered energy surges. Firing into each other, they tried to wrestle out their power, not gaining anything. Tinoff broke his hands free and focused his eyes down at Wrenn. He stared only at an empty place. Jerking his head up quickly, he twisted violently and backhanded, catching his jaw. Wrenn flew back and plowed through the clouds. Black feathers formed across his shoulders and took hold into wings, and he spun swiftly—righting himself—and opened them wide. Tinoff dropped as well, holding the blade in towards him, arching forward.
Wrenn slowed and moved his wings back, watching Tinoff carefully. Tinoff’s eyes glazed over and he curled himself tight, gliding down slowly. Wrenn listened to the silence of the wind as they whispered warnings into his ear. But Wrenn didn’t care about this now, he was in a battle with the freak….
He was about to say the fabled Saiya-jins power.

Tinoff clenched his eyes closed, feeling his heartbeat throb. There was nothing but darkness and the heartbeat. It picked up pace when he felt his calls answered for power. Raising his head up, electricity sparked quickly through his eyes, and he was back in the instant. Wrenn had powered up, and was now possessing his Knight wings. Tinoff felt his shoulders burn with intense pain, and he jerked his head back, letting out a deafening roar that echoed through the sky. A light wave of telekinetic energy swept over them, and Wrenn was plowed down to the ground. Tinoff burst out his wings—and flared up an awesome golden aura. His hair turned a deep golden and his eyes flickered to a bright green turquoise. He pulled on the hilt of his blade, twirling it the opposite sides of him as they split into two separate blades. The aura crackled then broke off, and Tinoff charged down at his prey.

Wrenn circled slowly in the air, then he cupped his wrists together. Bringing it down to his hip, he chanted the incantation words. He noticed the transformed Tinoff, and only concentrated harder. Bringing his wrists up, he was knocked back by the blast of energy that followed. It ripped the energy through the air, and rammed into Tinoff. He flew back, his wings closed in front of him to shield the blast.
Tinoff opened his wings, dispersing the energy streams. Tinoff pulled back his hand and opened one palm, firing an energy surge right at him. Wrenn punched it away, and closed the distance instantly, slamming his fist into Tinoff’s nose. Tinoff reeled back a couple feet, his head knocked upwards. Wrenn jetted forward then phased out. Tinoff lowered his head, blood dripping down the side of his mouth. He quickly scanned the area.

Wrenn came from behind him and kicked in his spine. Tinoff doubled over and turned as he fell, throwing a surge into Wrenn’s arm. Wrenn wrenched his arm back, wincing in the searing pain. He grabbed his arm and looked up in shock. Tinoff had righted himself and punched his jaw, beating his head from side to side. Tinoff leapt up and hammered his back. Wrenn plummeted down to the ground, which was miles away. He screamed in pain when an energy shower of golden light converged on him.
Without warning, everything stopped and darkness filled the sky. A net came that was colored white, and Wrenn felt it lift him into it. He passed out soon.

I opened my eyes slowly, trying to see through this darkness. Light was peeking through the curtains and I sat up in my bed. Slipping across it, I dropped down to the cold ground. My feet were bare and the nightgown clung to my back from sweat. I walked to the curtains and slid myself in front of them, not bothering to open them. Morning had come across the great courtyard, and I heard the birds singing. Resting my hot forehead on the glass, I closed my eyes.
The yard looked beautiful, and the morning dew was hanging on the tree limbs outside my window. My eyes focused on some movement down near the far walls. Father was walking with another man. I couldn’t see his face from here, but I saw that he was in his armor. Moving backwards the curtain slid off from my back, and the darkness came again when it closed. A soft knock came from my bedroom door, and I turned to look at it. Slowly the door cracked open, and a soldier peered in near the bed. When he opened it fully, light from the outside window’s spread itself around my floor. The solider straightened his back upon seeing me, and he cleared his throat.

“Sorry to have been interrupting your sleep, Princess, but we have an emergency and you are wanted in the King’s chamber.” He relayed curtly, looking me over. I nodded and grabbed my satin robe, slipping it over my slender arms. The soldier closed my bedroom door behind me and led me through the corridors to my mother and fathers chamber. He opened the double ornate doors and I walked in, seeing my mother near the bay window, sitting on the window seat. Her long blue hair was down and it seemed to spill like silk water along her shoulders and seat. Her ice blue eyes looked at me, and her face softened.
I caught the look she wiped away quickly. My mother had fear in her eyes.

Tiroid pounded his way up the spiral staircase to the tower. Two men had joined him and rushed forward to get the door but Tiroid slammed it open and entered. Five Rogue Knights were leaning against the walls, swords propped beside them. They instantly looked up and straightened themselves, heads held high. They bowed their heads to him as he nodded curtly, passing by them.
Tiroid circled the oval room and stopped at the map. Touching his fingertips to it, the map came alive. White dots swarmed like stars then settled into place. A single red line came and connected the dots to form an outline. The map spun to an angle and various screens were opened along the walls. On one of the walls was Hajima, waiting patiently for his King. Tiroid spun quickly and stalked to the screen. Hajima’s eyes lit up and he bowed his head, placing a hand on his right shoulder.
“Good morning Emperor Tir— .” Hajima’s words were halted as Tiroid roared out to the screen.
“WHERE’S TINOFF?!” Tiroid yelled. Hajima straightened himself, blinking in mild confusion.
“Well..uh..sir, as you know, the High was attacked and Wrenn reported to it, there Tinoff was having treatment on his wounds. The Gua—.” Again Hajima was cut off.
“Where the HELL is he, you stalling son of a bitch? Do you have him or NOT?!” Tiroid roared out, his eyes flashing to a darker crimson.
Hajima bowed his head in obedience. “We have him, my King.” But then Hajima added slowly: “We have him on lock. We have been unable to get near him.” Hajima trailed off, glancing back at Tiroid.
Tiroid lowered his head, keeping his eyes locked on Hajima’s. His voice was barely a low growl.

Clouds streamed past Tinoff’s wings. He spun in them, watching the rising sun. He smirked and dove down, opening his wings to their massive length. He had long since powered down. The High had set an Energy trap and Wrenn was his way out of it.
Tinoff circled a large stretch of trees then dropped through the canopy. Some leaves fell down beside him, resting on his now bare shoulders. He rose slowly to his feet then uttered a yell in surprise. He was down on the ground with three Rogue Knights around him, weapons drawn to his throat. Tinoff’s eyes rolled in his head and he blacked out.
One of the Rogue’s had knocked him in the groin with the butt of their katana blade.

Rapid footsteps echoed through the hallways. The sun was hanging high in the midday sky. Two Rogue Knights walked ahead, dragging Tinoff. His head was lowered and rolled to the side every now and then. He was out cold. One of the three Rogue’s walked ahead and opened a door, letting them in. They threw Tinoff into the far wall, then stepped at opposite sides of the doorway. Tiroid entered, then spied the shadow on the floor. His features darkened immediately. He motioned with his head to the Rogue’s, signaling them to leave. They bowed their heads and filed out of the dim room, leaving their Emperor behind.
Tiroid stepped over to the still figure, eyeing him. Tinoff was lying with his face flat on the ground, his arm underneath his body. He was twisted at an angle, laying on his side. His disheveled hair hung over his silent face. Tiroid couldn’t tell if he was breathing or not. Per—one of the Rogue Knights—had said they took him down with their blades. Tiroid brought his foot back then kicked up into Tinoff’s stomach, making his body rise. He awoke in that instant and gasped in pain. Clutching his stomach with one arm, he supported himself on his other, forehead dragging on the ground.
“Stand up.” Tiroid growled low. When Tinoff didn’t rise, Tiroid just kicked in his stomach again.
“I said, ‘stand up’!” Tiroid yelled. Tinoff inched to the wall and stood up, keeping his weight on it. He turned his dim blue eyes to Tiroid.
“Happy…now?” Tinoff coughed, lowering his head as some blood came from his mouth. Tiroid stood silent, watching this man with disgust. Tinoff was a half-breed among his people. A Saiya-jin no less. Hatred for the Saiya-jins rose again in Tiroid’s heart.

“I’d be happy if you weren’t alive…” He answered back. Tinoff just sneered at his comment.
“Well…you sent an invite for me, hell, you even gave me some escorts,” Tinoff laughed weakly. “Going to give me a roundtrip of Triad now, Tir?” Tinoff’s eyes shot up to Tiroid’s. Tiroid shifted his weight, feeling the urge to rip his throat out. Tinoff’s gaze was mocking.
“Why’d you attack that High?! They were to HELP us with this battle!” Tiroid yelled, advancing on him. Tinoff just watched him coolly.
“Don’t you understand?! We have no fighters, they’re all in Naiko! We have no means for an attack!!” Tiroid grabbed his shoulders and rammed Tinoff’s back into the wall, placing his face inches away from his.
“Guess….who’s fault it is that we can’t have their help?” Tiroid asked, keeping his voice calm. Tinoff remained silent, eyes low.
“GUESS WHO’S FAULT IT IS?!!” Tiroid roared in his face, slamming him again. Tinoff’s head rocked up, his eyes gazing into Tiroid’s. Tiroid stopped, a firm scowl on his face.
Tinoff smirked knowingly. “Oops.” He said, laughing coldly.

Milina walked through the courtyard, her daughter trailing beside her. Milina was tall and slender, her skin was marble white and she had long blue hair that went to her waist. She had two darker streaks of purple tracing her bangs that fell beside her face, framing her cheeks. A small hand went into hers and she glanced down, smiling warmly.
Her daughter swung her hand, humming a song softly. Milina’s attention was taken away from Kiva to her husband who came down from the courtyard steps. His eyes were on the ground, and he walked as if he was agitated. He looked up, spying his family.
“Are you alright?” She asked him. He shook his head, but fixed a smile on his face, looking down at Kiva. He crouched down beside her and grabbed her waist. The girl grinned and hugged his neck tightly. Tiroid picked her up off the ground. She wrapped her legs around his waist and laid her head down on his shoulder, looking at her mother.
Tiroid kissed Milina softly and whispered that he’d be fine. She nodded and watched Tiroid walk off, Kiva in his arms. Milina smoothed back her hair, smiling at the sight.

Wrenn woke up abruptly, then banged his head on a low swinging light.
“Ow! Frikkin’ bloody HELL!” He winced out, rubbing at his wound. He blinked dully, looking around the bright room. He stumbled out of bed, then glanced down. He was just wearing his under shorts. He stumbled over to the large window, then pulled the shade down violently.
His head felt like it was swimming. A door opened and Sylkis walked in, carrying some clothing. She crossed the threshold and set the items on a long metal table, then turned to Wrenn.
“About time you woke up.” She said moving to his side. She slid open a drawer beside the bed, taking out some equipment. Wrenn groaned softly and layed back down, an arm over his eyes to shield him from the lights glare.
“How long have I been out?” Wrenn questioned her, his voice muffled.
“A couple hours now.” Sylkis replied. “Sit up, please.”
Wrenn took his arm off and sat up. Immediately his forehead hit the light again, making it swing back and forth. Wrenn clenched his eyes shut and slid off the bed, cradling his head. Sylkis shook her head and chuckled. She reached up and stilled the swinging light. Wrenn opened his eyes and looked at the windows.
They were covered by the thick shades. Wrenn’s eyes opened in alarm.
“Is it night already?” He asked, looking at Sylkis. She nodded, confused by his question.
“You’ve been out awhile. That battle took it’s toll.” She said, moving towards him. Sylkis gently took his arm and led him back to the medical table.
Wrenn shook his head, feeling his limbs turning into water again.
“Where’s Tinoff?” He asked weakly, staring at her.
Sylkis stopped, then stuttered. “Tinoff…he got…away. He used you to get caught in the net…” She answered back slowly.
Wrenn blinked twice then stood up quickly, knocking the light again.
“Son of a BITCH!” He yelled. More at the light then at the thought of Tinoff.

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