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I have strong reservations to movies. I don't like love movies, and I don't like Disney movies. I like violent, dark, sarcastic, funny, idiotic, slap-stick, and hero movies. For awhile now, I had been deprived of such of a movie until I saw Fight Club. It's really hard for me to come across something that'll catch my interest, since normally I watch a movie and never watch again. I saw Fight Club three times, and I still want to watch it again to just...bask in it. It's dark, gritty, the sound effects and music pull you in, and there's that narrator.
The narrator is played by Edward Norton, who in my opinion is a damn fine actor. He's slowly sinking into middle age at a cubicle job. He doesn't want to work there, but it's all he has. He lives inside of an apartment where he worries about how his furniture is arranged, and the poor guy is just...bland. On a plane flight, though, he meets someone who's a complete opposite of who he is. Someone who he wants to be.

His name is Tyler Durden, and he manufactures soap.

On one hand you have the narrator, wearing an office attire that's well…lacking. Now you come across Tyler, who's wearing plaid pants and a long leather skin coat with tinted glasses. It's odd how he can still look damn fine in that outfit. The guy has style. He sits down beside the narrator, and the narrator makes a note to say that they have the same briefcase. Coincidence? Before you can think too much about this, Tyler bids the narrator adeu and leaves him inside of the aisle. But..that's not the last we see of Tyler Durden.
Our narrator makes his way home, but his appartment is wrecked. Before I can go further into this, I need to give out a little info about our narrator here.

His life is so much of a shithole now that he actually joined support groups for excitement. He makes up illnesses and attends terminally ill disease groups. In one of these groups, he met a woman named Marla Singer. She gets underneath his skin a lot, and his presence seems to take on a mutual effect for her.

After the burning of his apartment, the narrator calls up Tyler since Tyler had previously given him a business card about the soap business. After a few drinks, they become fast friends, bonding over a mutual disgust for corporate consumer-culture hypocrisy. Eventually, the two start Fight Club, which convenes in a bar basement where angry men get to vent their frustrations in brutal, bare-knuckle bouts. Fight Club soon becomes the men's only real priority; when the club starts a cross-country expansion, things start getting really crazy.
The narrator starts to hunt down Tyler Durden throughout the country, going through some old ticket stubs that he had kept lying around the house. In the end, everything starts to wind down after the beginning of Project Mayhem. Our narrator who had been traveling finally stops and ends up at a hotel where everyone seems to know him...but they call him "Mr. Durden." He rents a room for the night, and the reality of everything that has happened smacks him right in the face.

He is Tyler Durden.

He created Tyler Durden since his office life made him want more. His apartment exploded since he had created a bomb with the soap, and the police couldn't even help him because they were all inside of Fight Club. Project Mayhem was soon erected and their soap bombs were rigged around the major credit card buildings of the city. The narrator fought a battle against "Tyler" but lost.
Finally, in the upper floors of the buildings to go watch the 'fireworks', the narrator finally overcame Tyler.

By putting a gun to his head and pulling the trigger.

All in all...this movie really showed me something about myself. You shouldn't supress yourself since living inside of a stifled situation such as our narrator can lead to your own insanity. He imagined himself as Tyler Durden, and he led a revolution. But once he overcame Tyler, he didn't want any of what he had created. He lost himself in his fantasy, and when he finally broke out from it, he realized it wasn't what he wanted.
Damn fine movie.
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Characters: 9/10
Story line: 10/10
Sound/ music: 9/10
Imagery: 10/10
Recommendation to watch over again: Do it now!
Graphic rating: R

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