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In my opinion the two big-wigs of video games are Squaresoft and Konami. Squaresoft is famous for its RPG games, and Konami is there with some of the best action and real time combat. Before I do my own ranting about Metal Gear Solid, here's the actual documentation of the time period that occurs in Metal Gear. It was taken from MGS online and I don't take any kind of credit for writing this out.

"What is "Metal Gear"? ... Metal Gear first went on sale in Japan on July 7, 1987. That game was born with the following notion: "Fighting alone does not make a game; stealth is more important!". Metal Gear had a huge impact on gamers and manufacturers alike. Not only was it a new and original game design, but its story, full of plot twist and intricate human drama, garnished praise from the critics and made it into a huge international hit. The sequel, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, released later, also received high praise. The release of Solid Snake would mark the last time that Metal Gear appeared on any platform. Nevertheless, the Metal Gear series continued to be widely discussed as a visionary masterpiece. Today, the true vision of Metal Gear has been unveiled to fans across the world in the form of Metal Gear Solid, only for the Playstation game console."

Outer Heaven Revolt "... A small, but po