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v3: -Too late now- Reviews: Farscape

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I'm a Sci-Fi loving person, but I honestly lost interest in the sci-fi channel since they stopped running those kickass Anime movies. I think it was in the summer of '97 when they had that Anime high. Boy...weren't those the days? Before I start rambling on end about Anime, allow me to talk about the epic adventure series known as Farscape.

The series revolves around an astronaut named John Crichton who is son of the renowned Jack Crichton. His father was a famous astronaut / scientist, and John's lifestyle when he was growing up could be dubbed as a "preppy" lifestyle. He didn't have to do much in the university he went to since the scholarship was just handed to him. John always wanted to impress his father, though, and he worked hard to do that. He went out on an expiremental space mission, and John himself pilot the space module - Farscape One.
On this flight, though, the Farscape One was shot through a wormhole and it twisted dimensions - Leaving John stuck at another end of the universe.

**Note**: I've never seen the first episode of Farscape. I came into the show after it had aired about six episodes, so the beginning was a little murky, but when the series progressed, I learned more about the characters and how they came into the ship known as Moya.