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Gasp! Not only is my site up..but the Family section is up as well. Hoo-rah. Yep. It's been one helluva boring and hectic week for me. Mostly with the raining non-stop. Well, let's see what our little family has been up to, eh?

I actually made an update to this section the day my site was erased. I think that ZaY was the only one who read what I put--so no need to worry there, ZaY. And yeah, I actually updated nice and all. Kouji had been saying in his site how "Wolfie never adds anything to the Family section", and so I will do that now! I've also passworded the place 'cause I was getting paranoid. I think I told the reason in Trunks' message board.
If you need to be reminded on who the Family is, then well...I worry for you. I'll do a brief summary on everyone and my thoughts towards them and so forth. If the quantity is small in one persons bio, than it's because I just haven't seen or talked to them at all recently.
Shall we begin?

Been talkin' a lot more with Crys, and that's something I'm pretty darn proud about. Sometime ago we had an argument and said some pretty harsh things towards one another, and now that I think back on what I said..I well... meant most of it. But I'm sorry about finally losing my temper, and hopefully you'll be able to forgive that incident, Crys. He sent over a poem recently, and has promised even more.

Ozzy! I was actually watching this movie the other with Matthew Perry and Bruce Willis. "The whole 10 yards"? Is that it? Well, once I heard the main characters name, I just thought it was funny. His name was like..David Osayhkjidnkdnma--whatever. But his friends called 'im Oz. *laughs* I found out that "Oz" is actually this kickass nickname. He's been off and on the comp, and I think he has a good 'ole blue collared American workin' job now. Somewhere at a Mickey D's. My older brother brought me a pamphlet from McDonalds for a job application. I think they *may* be hinting to something....

Zaaaaay! *laughs* Yeah, that's my new greeting. I've actually been able to see ZaY more often! Kickass! God bless the summertime. I loooved your art at that Oekaki board. Aeris' hair was so bright and vibrant, and all those other beautiful describing words. I normally don't like red-hair, *and Trunks is going to get a laugh or something outta that. Possibly a cookie maybe* but that red-hair was gorgeous. I'm wishing I could draw again. I spent a friggin' thirty minutes once in class trying to draw Sephiroth's face in my notebook. Um...we'll leave it at that. The outcome is just too...painful to dredge up. I also got a laugh outta a letter she sent me. I went and lost this poem I made for her a looong time ago, and so I kinda had to ask for it from her. The funny thing about this is, I asked her earlier on in the year for the same poem to be put in the same section. So I *lose* things, aiight?! But anyways, funny letter and I feel loved that you just *knew* I would do that. Hell, Trunks said the same thing recently about his story. Am I that predictable on losing things?? Oi.

Koooouji! Yeah, that'll be a new greeting soon. Stretching syllables is my thing now. Has anyone noticed?
Anyone, anyone? Bueller? *laughs*
Wee-boy..only funny to me, eh? Kouji has recently gotten into hair gel. For his *head*, nothing else. I poked his head recently and got my finger stuck in the goo. It even made a squishy sound, too. Ewww. *laughs* Kouji's been his regular 'ole self and enjoying his last days of 8th grade. I still can't believe you're that young, man. I'm sad to say that your intelluct is superior to min--what the hell am I saying? Yeah..must be the hair that got me saying that. Baaaad. But, by the by, love your site. The sidebars are so kawaii. I think I already commented on those swords being tight, or somehing along those lines.

Trunks!! Trunks and I are the one's that are always tight. I talk to him every friggin' day of every week, month, and sometime in July it will be a year. Ahh..the memories. *sniff* I even made the password like that for our own Family style humor. I think it was originally KoRn, but das no good. Well, let's go over some things that Trunks has been doing.
Japanese! He's actually learning that complex language. I would spell out what form he's doing, but I know I would get it wrong. *laughs* Trunks has been so good at the symbols and all, that he translated this Kenshin CD. Kickass, I tells you. He'll be the multi-lingual one of the lot. He's also doing some Finals at school, so good luck on those, Trunks!

Well, that's all I really have to say for now. Nothing new to report, nothing more to really say. Wait, I think I already clarified that. Ahh well. I will leave everyone with a final thought and a moment of zen. My brother said it today again and so now I just have to use it. *ahem*
"What would I do if I were me?"

Godspeed you in your travels along the roads that you take. But remember that somewhere along the path, you can always find something familiar no matter the land.
June 18, 2001