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Frequently Asked Questions
Well...I actually never get asked these questions, but I still felt like I needed to make this for all to understand better.

Can I take any of the images on your site?
Hell, sure ya can. But take notice if they have any kind of writing on it. If you're like...really worried about conformation, you can just ask me about certain images you want. And hell, since this is all just too confusing--just link me back saying you got the images there.

What happened to all the stories, poetry, and Weirdo sections?
They've been moved to their very own site, called Highwire

Can I submit my reviews here of certain games?
Sure you can. Even if it's a review I've already done, you're welcome to your own review on it. Unless it's bashing Fight Club. You just don't bash Fight Club in my presence.

The links won't show up correctly for me!
Are you using Netscape? I'm sorry to say that most of my HTML is *not* Netscape compatible. I urge you to download IE5 since it is sooo much better than AOL or Netscape. It will also make the site look nicer. *smiles*

Am I allowed to use your reviews/shrines on my site?
Ehh...I have to overview your site first off. I mean, they're my reviews/shrines and I don't want any punk ass kid ripping them off of me and putting their own name on it---not to imply you. We'll just see.

Can you be my sister site?
I've been taken, sorry. ZaYkO is my sister site. As if I hadn't made that clear enough...

Do you make graphics?
Puh, I wish. *laughs* I'm a fledgling but I have an eye for a lot of images and so that betrays my "rookieness" with most graphics.

Would you babysit my cat?
Oh sure. Just leave the keys with me and I'l--wait. *reads over* Oh, oh...CAT. Yeah, sure. I'll watch your cat. Leave it on the backstep and I'll remember sooner or later.

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