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I sit here in my chair, my gaze always a questioning stare, looking out the window pondering on what can fly through the air. Is it only birds, and planes that control the sky? Well I will tell you that I have indeed seen a Dragon fly.
Her majestic wings, stretched wide and proud. Her beautiful eyes, wide and her voice so loud. She carries with her such confusion in those eyes, if only I can help and soothe her crys. She's just like me, holds her secrets far from them, yet only together we hold that eternal hem.
She may be far, and hard to reach, but the words she had told me, held more power than anyone had teached. As to what she thinks of me? She holds that close to herself, but I can see she thinks of me as the greatest wealth.
Just how can a wolf get along with a Dragon? That is the question I will never ask her..

I stand up now, and walk to the large bay window, and rest my palms upon the glass. I rest my forehead on it, thinking of my class. I would have to leave soon...and she will be gone. My gaze turns to the perfect lawn. With a scoff I turn and walk, with the coolness a wolf always carries, I study the ceiling tiles, and think of what is now necessary. But
ZaY will always linger, and I shall wait in the way I always have...with the patience and wisdom that I keep around my fingers..

[ untitled ]
Why can't we see the pain life can bring? We refuse to accept it, and so we listen to this dull maybe my words won't carry on your wings--but I always heard you sing.
And though we may be seperated on some things, I will try to remember on the goodness life can bring..
completed Nov. 2000.

[ guidance ]
Many of us don't realize when we're lost.
We refuse to accept our fate that we even carved out. I won't call them the blind, however. A blind man can't walk speedily among his own path to destruction.
We'll say that they're ignorant.
Ignorant to their pain even though they help others. They're ignorant to the pain they cause as well. Or maybe...They're blind.
I was blind and not willing to a lot of ways, once. I was happy and set in my own path. Well...Content would be the word.
I wasn't happy along the road.
Hard lessons and experiences opened me up and left me broken among many for judgement. But they didn't pass it on me.
No...They didn't judge me.
Too afraid to, maybe. Not sure how to approach me, probably. Scared to speak up in front of me, is what they were. If I'm not afraid to say anything, then why should you?
You're someone with a strong voice and unlike what you may think--we listen. Those that judge are not truly the ones who deserve such an opinion.
I was lost and unsure in a path selected by others. Luckily, you jumped up and guided me in your own way...Which can often be viewed by many as maybe dependence. Course, those are the views of other people.
They aren't mine.
You're different, I'll admit that. Your attitude is what broke me free from a lot of things. Made me understand and want to help everyone. Helped in my opening up and becoming something. I'd run to you when I was confused since I thought you'd be the one to always supply me with answers when everything was too much. I later found out whatever role we made for one another would often be switched...
I thought of you as some kind of mentor and it's odd to realize that you think of me as one.
But now...Things are different. Shift in change, I believe. Did you even realize however...How I still run to you when I'm confused? Although I can see my path, you call me blind. What can I see that you know already? Would you even share what you've seen with me?
I don't run, you must believe.
I just stumble.
Completed Aug. 2001 - this is dedicated to my graditude towards ZaYkO in lending a hand in guiding me.