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There are images strewn about this page, and I've taken the liberty to link the various sites that I took them from. The images that were free to be taken were done so. My sister site is Red Heaven and ZaYkO was nice and made me a picture inside of the about me section to celebrate 2000 hits. You are not allowed permission to take that.
I did in no way influence, create or take credit for the anime and video game series shown here. I am but a mere fan who loves the people that influenced, created, and fully take credit for their beautiful work.

This site is best viewed in 1024x768 resolution; but 800x600 is fine but just shittier. Anything below 800x600 and you're just being insane using that resolution. It looks best in IE5.5 (stray away from 6), but if all you have is that dreadful NS, then bear with it. If you have AOL or at least AIM, then you can ring me up. My screenname is ST3wolf
If you took the time to read this, then you deserve a cookie. *smiles* If there's any further questions about something, or you're just bored and wanting to chat with someone--then go ahead and write me.
The reviews and shrines are written by ONLY me. You cannot take a review or shrine of mine and use it on your site. I give credit in my reviews if I seriously needed help, and this includes images. I don't take any credit for creating any of the images inside of the reviews.

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