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Here's some desktops made by yours truly to spruce up your computer. Excuse the constant B&Ws, but they're classic and easy to work with. These are for ONLY 1024x768, so buzz off all you 800x600 people viewing my page. :P
Oh, and you're not allowed to use these on your site, mmkay? They all open up inside of a new window.

- This one's a personal favorite. My mom, however, is not so large of a fan. She took one look at it and was like, "......Off. Take it off now." Guess I can't please everybody.

- Hehe! Good 'ole Calvin n' Hobbes. You can never go wrong with 'em.

- Ahh...Sephiroth. I went a little crazy with the lines, though. Eh heh...

- I know most don't like Squall, or for that fact whatever limited words he says. So here's a collection of quotes that don't include "...whatever."

- I really only have to say three things...
Vash the Stampede.
Brilliant large-ass image that had 'make something outta me, ST' written allll over it.

- Aw. I love this one. All nice and crimson red. I found it floating around the 'net and decided to use it for a practice layout, but now it's come to rest as a desktop.

- Not sure how the hell this came to be, but the characters are from...err...FF5? The Japanese characters were stranded inside of my harddrive and from a time period when Trunks was all into learning them.