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Ahh yes. Cid Highwind. He actually became my favorite in the past year. I always had him in my group along with Red XIII. I remember once I had Tifa, and during the last battle with Bizzaro-Sephiroth, her attack points went down into the hundreds and tens instead of inside of the thousands. I still have no idea why that happened, but it severly pissed me off since I had to use my other teammates to win. She didn't even have any strong magic on her. Oi. I think it was because I gave her that weird glove that powers up when she's near death. Well, I made sure that she was the one that Sephiroth tagged out first. *laughs*
Cid became my favorite this year because of the way we act. If I were a video game character, I would somehow be related to that man. He's completely off the wall, and he's *such* a stodgy bastard! He's not afraid to speak his mind, but he's also a little scared with his emotions. Like me. We're both blondes *thumbs up*, and we hold onto dreams even when people say that it can never be brought back up. Yep...he's my hero. Allow me to talk about his role and life inside of FFVII.

Cid Highwind is about 5'8" and he's 32 years young. He was originally a pilot and engineer for ShinRa. He manufactured planes and vehicles for their military. He created the airship Highwind. ShinRa was interested in the prospect of space travel, and so they put all their money into a rocket--The ShinRa 26. They asked Cid since he was the best in the company, and as he put it: The world. During the launch of the ShinRa 26, a technician by the name of Shera hadn't cleared herself away from the rocket's engine room. It was growing increasinly hot, but she wanted to make sure that the number 8 oxygen capsule was working properly.
Cid cursed her ass out, telling her to get the hell outta the engine room, but she was stubborn and told Cid to continue on with the launch. Everyone who worked in that launch knew about Cid's love for the open sky, and she wanted him to go on without her. Cid's a good man, though, and his conscience got the better of him. He aborted the launch to save Shera's life. Shera was surprised and grateful for this act, and stayed with him up until the day your team finds Cid. Cid, on the other hand, was outraged at what had happened. And this was to be increased when the ShinRa stopped funding the space program. Their interest was captured by weapons now. Mako, Materia, and SOLDIER.
The launch pad of the ShinRa 26 became a town for the engineers of the program. Cid was relentless, though, and he wouldn't give up his broken rocket so soon. He worked day and night on it, and even made an airplane to curb his passion. The Tiny Bronco. His homelife, on the other hand, made him even more irritable. Shera had moved in with Cid to repay him for saving her life, but he treated her like shit. He'd ignore her all day expect during dinner time, when he demanded something to eat. Shera took all of his verbal abuse steadily, and I have no idea how she could possibly have stood for it. Cid was a revered person inside of the community, and the people there dubbed him "Cap'n". Or Captain, but it sounds better that way.
Cloud and his band of gypsies came across Cid Highwind because they wanted to borrow the Tiny Bronco. Knowing Cid, I'm sure you can guess the answer to that. The reason they wanted the Tiny Bronce was because Sephiroth had gone across the ocean, and they had to reach him before ShinRa did. Unfortunately, the ShinRa had learned about Sephiroth's whereabouts and they too were wanting the Tiny Bronco. Can ya guess Cid's answer to them both? *laughs*
So yeah, he told them to go blow one out their asses, but Palmer had already gone around back to steal the Tiny Bronco. Luckily, Cloud and the gang were already trying to do the same thing. You have a little scuffle, and prior to this battle, Palmer was a dumass and started the plane up. So when it starts to take off, Cloud and the rest of 'em jump onto the wing and the Tiny Bronco is off! Cid later ditches the meeting and jumps onto the wing of the Bronco, but a ShinRa infantry shoots out the wing and they plow into the ocean. Cid agrees to joining your rag-tag group of mad fiendz. You get what I mean.
He fights with a spear, and his strongest weapon is the Venus Gospel. Cid's pretty balanced both with the physical and magic attacks. Don't weigh 'im down with too much, though. His greatest attribute is his strength.
Later on in the game, you come across the Highwind once again. There's a loyal crew and all inside of that thing. It's earlier version had wheels for locomotion, but during the speedburst to the Northern Crater, Cid pulled a switch and it got some kickass jets.

Shera comes into play once again when the ShinRa decide to launch some Huge Materia into the meteor. They had been gathering Materia from many corners of the earth, and their plan was to smash the meteor in the atmosphere. After they had gotten the Huge Matera (or if you didn't get the password), Cid and the gang head down into the engine room. They're trying to get to the escape capsule, but the number 8 oxygen capsule burst from the friction in the room, knocking and pinning Cid down. Cloud and whoever you're with tries to free 'im, but it's stuck fast.
Shera comes from the escape capsule and helps in lifting the oxygen tank off of Cid. After cursing her out for being there, Cid quiets down and allows her to help. Aww! Go Cidster! *laughs* a closing statement, I should think of something cool to say. *thinks* Well, it's not coming to me now, but if I ever knew the man, we'd be tight. Peace out, y'all.

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