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How long had it been snowing out? I remember vaguely the reason they gave me for his sudden absence. "He went to get his weapon," they said. That blade probably means more to you than me sometimes. Why had you been fighting out in this storm?
God…I'll never understand you.
In all the years I've known you, I don't know a thing about you. How did we meet, again? Battle, perhaps. I never paid attention the soldiers inside of a battle. Why would I want to see someone's face alive one moment then frozen in a permanent ...gaze...?
The battles never brought thrill to me. The constant hacking back and forth with a steel-tipped weapon bored me. I liked the chases, the hunts…the pinning down of your prey. In that instant, you can not only hear your heartbeat beating…but his as well. Blood both fascinates and sickens me. It's so warm, and it just gushes out from the skin.
I came to realize that dried blood is much easier to work with. I'd been withdrawn from battles for quite some time, now. The sights, smells…the sounds of a battle disgusted me. But not you. Never you. As I sit here now…you're off searching for your weapon. As if your bare-hands in battle wasn't enough to quench you.
"You actually came back," I remarked softly, glancing away from the glazed window and my own clouded thoughts. Lowering his steel-tipped weapon against the doorframe, he shook his long-coat free from snow and stepped into the room. It's warmth instantly left and the hairs on my arm stood up against my own will. As he crossed the carpets, the fire in its place seemed to shake.
"Why do you doubt my return?" he asked in a low voice, staring into my eyes. I had to lower my gaze from his stare; the cold from the outside was evident inside of him. "The storm's picked up..I thought that maybe you would have stayed out there and wait it out.." I replied, returning my gaze to the hazy window as if I was speaking to it directly. A sudden jolt of cold grazed my chin and turned my face, and I realized it was his hand. It was almost painful, even though his touch was light.
"That's not the real reason…" he said quietly, lowering his face down beside mine and gently nuzzling his cheek against my jaw. His touch sent a shiver that rode up my spine and a gasp escaped from my lips.
"Yo-you're cold. How could you stand it out there?" I asked, closing my eyes slowly and sliding my mouth down his cheek, whispering it barely into his ear. He curled an arm around my lower back, pulling me closer and hunching down so I could contort into his body. "I was only there to retrieve my weapon, I couldn't have that lost from me. But I came back so you could keep me warm…" He answered, pressing his mouth against my neck. I could feel pressure against his mouth and I curled an arm around his head, leaning into him.
"I was actually thinking that maybe your weapon meant more than me, but th-" I started to explain but he cut me off by taking the air from my mouth with his own. He broke off slowly, running his mouth against my temple and dug his fingers into my back.
"I can always get a new weapon if it were to be lost..but I'm not too sure about you.." he replied, pulling back slightly and raising a hand up beside my face. His finger was no longer cold. I could feel my cheeks burning up. He lowered his face down beside mine once again and took in my warmth.