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Oh Joy! It's been exactly ONE year since TLN has been online. And my friends have pulled through so...much with all their kind words...*sniff*Gawd..I'm getting all farklempt here. But before I just dissolve my composure, here's some presents that I've recieved so far for my websites birth.
And please, don't hesitate to send more.

- From: Ryoko. Hee! Ryoko was so nice and made me a little card featuring Asuka Langely, from NGE. I'm known all around as "looking like Asuka" a little bit, so rumor spread quickly and it is forever my fate now to be called Miss Langely...and I respond quickly.

- From: Celina. She was very nice to make a banner sized image with a WOLF, declaring to the skies that it's TLN's first birthday.

- From: Celina. This one's very much like the first but a little bit bigger and bluueee. Really like this one. *smiles*

- From Celina.
I used to be sooo obsessed with this song. It's from Three Doors Down: Kryptonite. The background's really spiffy and *green*. Always a favorite color of mine, which the next two images show a lot...

- From: Celina.
OMIGAWD!! ITSCIIIIIIIIDD!! *breathe, breathe* My very own hero...wishing me a happy birthday with the site. Shniff...What more could I really and seriously want? *huggles the picture close*

- From Celina.
Gaaaaaasp! Yet another??!! Yes indupedly. Cid Highwind is obviously rethinking what he said before and coming to his senses about this birthday business. Hehe! I wuv it. Truly. I almost want to do a face...
...... >D--

*claps once* Well now. Those were all sent in by fellow webmasters and the following present was sent to me by one of my bestest and closest friends out there, yo. When I found his present inside of the Inbox, I just squeeled with delight. *laughs* Aaanywhoo...Enjoy.

From Kouji Yamada.
"How cute, Sarah has a website..."
Roughly A YEAR ago, that's what I was thinking. Can you imagine what that means? A WHOLE YEAR has passed since "ST3wolf's Den" was born into this crazy mofo's world. All I remember was it being black and crimson, arial font, simple and secure in its personality. No one could have prepared me for what it would become.
For over the years--though I hate to say it--you've become a "webmaster". Leaving the rest of us in the dust with constant changes to the layout, studying new HTML codes, and GOD so much work! How many times did I try to IM you, only to find that you were away working on your precious brainchild? Well, it was worth it... The creepy black background is gone, and with it the crimson text and massive image galleries.
That one picture of Deathscythe cutting through a Leo.
The Ryoko gallery
The Family section
Weirdo! The very first
Beautiful, wasn't it? Isn't it still? And as long as it continues growing and expanding, filling with meaningful (or even better, meaningless) thoughts for us to peruse and osmose, your little pet will continue to be a success.
Happy birthday!

*gets all misty-eyed* Thank you all. And I'd like to take this time now to create a little history about this so-called "anime page". Gather 'round, chitlin, and grab yourself a warm mug o' cocoa. I'm going nostalgic on all y'all.
Now, once upon a time...
In early November of last year, my friends and I had gathered amongst several Whiteboards. A Whiteboard is like an oekaki of today fushioned into a real time chat. And yes, they're still around. We're not THAT old and decrepit. Our beloved server had crashed and we found our numbers down to only 6. Who were the survivors?
Aaand ZaY.
We were really tight and close friends, yo. I was moreso with Trunks, Crys, ZaY and Oz, however. After the flooding of the GW server, we relocated briefly to a site that is now visiting that Information Superhighway in the sky. It was called Sephiroth's Sand Castle--or rather the SSC. I had been there prior and made really close relations with a lot of the people there. One of them being ZaYkO.
But I'm straying....
So we went to the SSC and later flocked to Celes' Whiteboard, another SSCer there. We dominated the chat, obviously with our being there to talk with one another. But complications arose from with the web mistress and people from the SSC and we took our leave, and went on.
Ever-stepping to the occasion was the great Brother Trunks. He created a secret board for all of us and we spent many a-day there. But the real *growing* period was inside of Celes' board. We all got to know one another better, became closer as individuals and not just the RP character anymore. And during my time inside of Celes' place, I really reaally, reeeeeaaally wanted to make a website.
I was so new to the computer and HTML, but I attempted it. And so ST3wolf's Den was created. Simple, no? Hehe...Yes, I was very proud of everything I had in there--which wasn't much. But it meant the world to me and I made it personal, and only for my friends. The reason I created a webpage was just FOR my friends.
I wanted to show them my thoughts towards them and funny things we're constantly doing that some may miss out on. At some point in time, Kouji began to make stories and sending them. I then spent a lot more time on my site and wanting to make it larger with content for my friends to gaze upon.
ZaYkO already had her own site out--Red Heaven. It was just sooo much better than mine and I felt humbled at that. But at some point in time.....I wanted to show off my webpage more. And lo and behold...The growing up phase.
It was a long and grueling process. I had low HTML skillz and the deleting of my entire site just made all hope of trying again so slim. But...Encouragment from all made me work again, and with their patience of constantly seeing a busy message within the AIM...My work is done. I pride myself now in my HTML abilities and I've even created several more sites; establishing my name, somewhat, within the intricate world of the internet. But I'm more into my friends still liking my site, and prod them often to go see what I have up.
I then expect a 6 paragraph summary about how much they love/hated it and why. *laughs*
I'm glad people other than my close friends view this page and if you're someone who comes often without threat by me...Then thank you. So very very much. This site will continue on. I'm looking to break 3 years. *laughs*

Final Acknowledgements
Ryoko - You've got potential out there like Boston has its coffee, Ryo. I once thought so long ago that creating all those webpages was *ludacris* and insanity. But now I'm doing the same thing so I kinda had to eat my words...*sweatdrop* So aaanyway. From what I've heard and have been shown, you're a good and considerate friend. It's been a pleasure in knowing you, girly.

Crys - Yeeah. We haven't really spoken in a long while, what with the whole RP shit coming up--but one can't hold a grudge for too long, eh? Overlooking our own complications, you're a kind friend and person. I know you're not one to go hit a puppy and laugh for the hell of it. You possess some great writing capabilites that make me green with envy, and it's been a real learning experience in the time I've known you.

Oz False - Heey, Ozzy. We were tight back in GW. Hehe...Yeah, those were the days. Epitome of those "partner" combats. You're that deep and interesting person that's severely intriguing to my senses, and in the short time I've begun to know you it was a lifetime of experience soon enough. I want to thank you for the hardships we went through and you just stay alive, man. You'll be going places one of these days.

Rogue Celina - We so did not get along when we first met one another. *laughs* I stereotyped you in so many ways, even though that was against my better judgement in some cases. Luckily that's changed and you've become quite an interesting person. Very creative and lively--yes, lively. You and ZaY are about the ONLY people who admit to cruising around my site periodically. *laughs* It makes me warm, yo. Keep on smiling, since I know you're quite capable of it.

Trunks - Awww!!! Truuunks! *glomp* You're the one who actually became my first friend out there, man. Lordy, I could rant all day about 'im but I don't know how to begin! He's an awesome and understanding friend. One of the craziest people you can meet out there where an occasional "blee" is quite normal within a conversation. *laughs* Gawd...I love you, Trunks. *huggle*

Kouji - *laughs* We put the "wrong" in Getting-off-on-the-wrong-foot when meeting one another. Trunks and him were trying to kill one another at some point in time and when Trunks bitched for me to come in there to whup up on him, that was when I met..and hated...Kouji. But hey! Happy ending to this, people! Kouji is one of the funniest and smartest of my friends out there. We both have the same humor, but not necessarily the same choice in games. of 69! Yeeaah! *laughs* Well anywhoo..I'm straying too much. Kouji's a great and awesome friend. Without him, I probably would not who I am now. Seriously. Your companionship is enjoyed, my friend. May we last longer than this site. Hoorah!

ZaY - ZaaaaaY! My friend! My amigo! My sister site webmistress developer extro--riiiiiiiight, I'm carrying on. *cough* But seriously though, she was one of my best friends out there. I normally don't open up to anybody, and I really came to know her as other than an RP character--which is what I'm often used to. She's an excellent artist, occasionally making works that involve our "Family". And one of the coolest features that I find in her is the fact she can be incredibly deep and just...all-knowing, yet achieves a learning phase within that skin of hers and yes...I think of her like a guardian at times. Although our roles are switched and often flung out onto the sidelines later. ZaY's humor? Hehe...Yes, it's grand. I can talk with her for hours and just feel so good when I see that "XD". *laughs*

Heero - Well, if Heero had made any contributions or a website...They'd be placed here. *laughs*

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