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-Too late now- has been around for quite some time and so after traveling the net, I decided to make my own Awards for various people who have some great sites that are either starting out or are made professionaly. You're welcome to take as many awards as you want, but here's some rules for you:
1] The Lara Croft is for anime/videogame reviews and fansites.
2] The Snowman one is for fan-fiction, rants, essays, and just plain weirdness inside of your site. This one's open for all genres.
That easy enough? If you're interested in any of these rewards then email me at I'm willing to anything so don't be shy. I love linking other pages, I'm hardly picky, mmkay?
Note: Make sure you link BACK to my page if you are rewarded an image. And please upload to your own server.

1] Cooky Doh @ Website
Cooky's been given the "Snowman" award for her kickass site. The layout's original and she has some mad skillz to flaunt, y'all.