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ATTACHMENT PARENTING LINKS (All sites open in a different browser window. To return to my site, just close the new window.)

Spirited Kids--This site is wonderful if you're looking for other parents of spirited kids in your area, looking for other parents' definitions of their spirited kids, looking for online resources...anything. It's an awesome, very well put-together site.

Kidz Are People Too--A fantastic site about APing, breastfeeding, gentle birth, and many other things written by a Christian mother of two whose oldest child is high-need. Highly recommended!

FATHERS OF BREASTFED BABIES--This site is the greatest I have ever seen as far as APing from a father's perspective goes. It's written with wit and very humorous at times, while seriously addressing issues relating to breastfeeding and Attachment Parenting. I absolutely love it and Joel thought it was hilarious.

Nurturing Magazine Online--This is a Canadian magazine that addresses natural parenting, which is kind of like AP only more radical. I don't personally agree with all their views, but their article library is extensive and you're sure to find some provocative and informative stuff.

Attachment Parenting International--This is the site for the organization Attachment Parenting International. They have listings of meetings for parents who AP. They additionally give instructions for how to start your own AP group if none exists near you. There are also experts' definitions of AP.

SAFE CO-SLEEPING by Dr. Sears--If you saw the big hubbub about co-sleeping leading to infant suffocation in 1999 (that study done by the Consumer Product Safety Commission) then you're probably afraid that you'll kill your baby if you sleep with her. Dr. Sears, a longtime advocate of sharing sleep and seasoned co-sleeper himself, explains here why he believes the study was faulty, and how you can make co-sleeping safe.

Breastfeeding Resources

La Leche League International--These people are awesome! They've been around since the 50's promoting mother's milk, and there's almost certainly a meeting near you. If you've never seen someone breastfeed, or you'd just like to know you're not the only one out there who's nursing past six weeks, go to a meeting! This site offers FAQ about breastfeeding, as well as a meeting directory to help you find the meetings closest to your location. They'll also help you find a qualified lactation consultant, who is someone who knows tons about breastfeeding, more than just the average breastfeeding mom, and can help in special situations like premature babies or twins (or even triplets!).

The Working Cow--I love this site! It's written by a mom who has breastfed and worked outside the home, and it addresses all sorts of issues faced by those moms who are dedicated to doing the same.

Dr. Katherine Dettwyler's Thoughts on Breastfeeding--This lady is a professor of anthropology at Texas A & M who has co-edited and written two chapters in a book entitled, Breastfeeding: Biocultural Perspectives. It's really informative and approaches breastfeeding as a biological mandate as well as an issue of society. She's known as one of the world's foremost breastfeeding experts.

Attachment Parenting Products

Peapods Online--This site has the best selection I've seen so far of baby slings. Different brands, materials, really has everything you're looking for. They don't pay me anything to link to their site; I just really like their products. They also are good about shipping costs and have other products besides baby carriers.

Breastfeeding Solutions from Medela--If you have to go back to work and still want to breastfeed, Medela has the pump you need. They don't pay me to link to their site, I just really admire their products.

Miscellaneous Links

Mothers Against Circumcision--Joel and I decided not to circumcise Abishai, even though Joel is circumcised. This site offers information about circumcision in a nonjudgmental, non-angry fashion. If you are pregnant and haven't really thought through your views on circumcision, I urge you to visit this site before making any decisions.

Dr. Sears Online--The official website of Dr. Sears and his wife, Martha Sears, R.N. Offers an extensive library of information organized in an easy-to-browse format, as well as a great search engine.

The Unoffical Patricia Veryan Webpage--I won't even try to justify putting this link here. Okay, maybe just a little bit. Patricia Veryan's books are romantic historical adventure (no sex, sorry kids) and she's possibly one of the best authors alive today. Her books kept me sane during Abishai's initial 15-hour-straight nursing schedule. Other than that, she has absolutely nothing to do with Attachment Parenting.

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