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AC Solargizer and Solargizer(posted at the top of the page) A Pulse Technology Product Solargizer selected as a Top 100 Products by Construction Equipment magazine! Solargizer is the most effective battery maintenance system available. The AC Solargizer is a special ac-powered version of our Industrial 12-Volt Solargizer. It's not a charger -- it's better. The AC Solargizer is a proven electronic device that uses pulse technology to improve and maintain battery reliability. Ensures peak battery performance on all lead-acid batteries up to 12-volts, including gel cell, antimony, hybrid, calcium plate designs and absorbed glass mat. Eliminates the main cause of battery problems and failure: Sulfation buildup on the battery plates. Extends battery life dramatically. Provides greater charge acceptance so batteries recharge faster & with better quality. Prevents the normal loss of battery power on stored vehicles & equipment no matter how long they sit unused. Includes an LED light that indicates the circuit is energized & the unit is working. Works 24-hours a day when plugged in. Easy to install. Helps protect the environment Applications: recreational vehicles, boats, deep-cycle products & more that are stored inside or in areas without access to sunlight. Ten-year limited warranty
Solargizer Solar Charger. A Pulse Technology Product. The Solargizer Solar Charger is the most effective solar charger available. It offers the same benefits as our other Solargizer units, plus it charges at the same time. That means it cleans the battery plates while it charges. It's ideal for motor carriers, rail cars, sailboats, recreational vehicles and other vehicles in areas without access to electrical power. Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again!
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