325 Elmore Ln
Knoxville, TN 37934


We at Elmore Ferns specialize in Staghorn ferns such as Superbum, Veitchii, Lemonei, Hillii, 'cass', Andinum, Elephantotis, African Oddity, Holtumii, Madagascarience, Ridleyi and many Willinckii cultivars in pot, hanging basket, and mounted on wood. Elmore Ferns works in conjunction with Elmore Orchids located in Knoxville, Tennessee. Please check back often for more info.

Currently I offer most of my ferns for sale on ebay. So, Check out my eBay Ferns!

OrchidsElmore Ferns works in conjunction with Elmore Orchids. Both businesses are open to the public for retail sales and we also cater to wholesale customers. Please call or email us for our wholesale price-list and availability. Also, check out Elmore Orchids for your orchid needs.

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