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My husband has been a ham radio operator since he was 12 years old, and back in 1992 I was getting ready to undergo vocal cord surgery. And my was always a wish for him to get me involved in ham radio, so I had to take the test, the morse code test, of course, and I passed it!

Emory taught me how to do morse code by tapping out the characters on my hand so that when I went in for the surgery, after it, for a month I couldn't speak. This way I was able to tap out to him, you know, "fix me something to eat".. (laughing).. "fix me some soup".. I'm kidding...

It was something that I'm so glad I learned, and he's just a wonderful teacher. I got my license in January 1993 and I have been a ham radio operator ever since.

My call letters are KD4WUJ!

June Patty Trivia Answer:

Although Patty never mentioned the fact when she was struggling to make her name, she is actually a cousin of Loretta Lynn, Crystal Gayle , Peggy and Patsy Lynn. Cousin Loretta finally broke the news one day on live television.

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