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This month we'd like to profile Patty's BEST friend and BIGGEST fan!

Along the right side of this page are just a few of the many albums that Emory Gordy, Jr. has contributed his skills to. As a successful songwriter, musician, producer, arranger, and business man in the music business, he is considered a to be a "musician's musician" by many in the industry.

Emory prefers to be low-key and concentrate on his music skills. In that note, here is a brief biographical outline :

Born in Atlanta GA, 1944.

Started his career as a studio musician in Atlanta during 1964. Worked with producer Joe South. Was a co-writer on the Classics IV hit "Traces" (One of your webmaster's favorite songs from his maturing years).

Moved to Los Angeles in early 1970's. Continued as a studio musician and toured with Neil Diamond. Played 9 instruments on the Hot August Night LP.

Toured with Elvis Presley in 1973. Played Bass for Elvis Presley's TCB Band. Fellow band members James Burton, Glen D. Hardin, and Ronnie Tutt backed Gram Parsons on his first solo LP; Emory joined them for the second, Grievous Angel.

Original member of Emmylou Harris's Hot Band in the mid 1970's along with James Burton, Glen Hardin, John Ware, Rodney Crowell, Vince Gill and Hank Devito. He also played on albums by the Dillards, Billy Joel, Hoyt Axton, Linda Ronstadt, and Albert Lee. Emory played on Chris Hillman's Morning Sky album in 1982.

Toured with John Denver in the late 1970's and early 1980's. Worked with him on several projects up until his untimely death, and has also worked on some John Denver projects afterwards.

Moved to Nashville in 1983 and became a prominent producer, songwriter and studio musician. During his career as a studio musician, Emory has recorded with artists such as Billy Joel on Piano Man and Tom Petty. He produced the Bellamy Brothers, Vince Gill, Earl Thomas Conley, George Jones, Alabama, Bill Monroe, Steve Earle's breakthrough debut album Guitar Town, among many, many others.

In 1985 Emory met Patty Loveless and has been a musician as well as co-producer and producer of most of her albums at both MCA and Epic. In 1989, Emory married Patty and together they have crafted one of the most impressive portfolios of songs and recordings in the country music industry.

Emory playing the stand-up bass at the Grand Ole' Opry
December 2nd, 2000
Patty Loveless: On this last album it was just he and I together. I know that I can trust him, and he's always throwing compliments my way. Because I tend to beat up on myself in the studio, I tend to think, "If I have to hear myself sing that one more time...," you know, "I didn't do that right... That sounds awful.." Emory is always talking back to me and saying, "You're doing fine." And I remember one point, we were trying to lay some vocals down and I was trying to do some warm-ups and I was emotional that day for some reason about something. And I was kind of crying in my voice, so finally he says "Come on over here. Let's just relax for a minute," and he says, "You know the one thing about you?" And he's kinda just looking down at me, and I'm like, "Yes I know, you're disappointed in me!... You can't stand me!.. Well, I can't either!" And he says "no.." I was barefoot, no I wasn't barefoot, I had my shoes off, and he goes, "No, you got two different colored socks on," and I mean, he just makes me laugh! And at serious moments he knows when to break the ice.

Porter Wagoner: She's the best she can ever be with him (Emory), because he's a brilliant man. And they choose their material wisely. He knows great music and so does Patty. There's a simplicity about them too that country people love.

Partial Listing Of Emory Gordy, Jr.'s Awards:

  1. Nashville Music Awards: Producer of the Year 1998

  2. Nashville Music Awards: Producer of the Year 1996

  3. CMA Album of The Year: When Fallen Angels Fly (1994)

  4. Grammy Award for Bluegrass Album of the Year Southern Flavor (1989)

  5. ACM Bass player of the Year: 1986 & 1987

  6. Inducted into the Georgia Music Hall Of Fame in 1992.

In a rare interview after being named "Producer Of The Year" in 1998, he shared some thoughts with the media:

How does it feel to win?:  "I'm so surprised -- I never thought I had a chance. . . this is such a broad category with producers from all genres. It's more difficult being up against people not known for country music. I can't believe I won."

When did you know you wanted to be a record producer?:  "Accidentally - I was a land surveyor for a while. I was a studio musician in LA and then retired in 83. I didn't stay retired long because they talked me into coming to Nashville and producing. I was with Vince Gill at the beginning; I produced his demos and got him his deal."

What's Next?:  "I'm taking it one project at a time. I'm excited about Jack Ingram, a new artist I'm working with."

*Emory Gordy, Jr., Credits:

Alabama  In Pictures (1995)Horn Arrangements 
Alabama  Christmas, Vol. 2 (1996)Bass, Arranger 
Alabama  Super Hits (1996)Producer 
Alabama  Super Hits, Vol. 2 (1998)Producer 
Eric Andersen  Be True to You (1975)Bass 
Eric Andersen  Collection (1997)Bass 
Susan Ashton  Closer (1999)Bass, Producer, String Arrangements 
Hoyt Axton  Road Songs (1977)Bass 
Hoyt Axton  Rusty Old Halo/Where Did the Money (1998)Bass 
The Bellamy Brothers  Let Your Love Flow (1976)Bass 
The Bellamy Brothers  Beautiful Friends (1978)Bass 
The Bellamy Brothers  Country Rap (1987)Guitar (Acoustic), Percussion, Producer, Emulator 
The Bellamy Brothers  Greatest Hits, Vol. 3 (1989)Producer 
The Bellamy Brothers  Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 (1995)Producer 
Matraca Berg  Sunday Morning to Saturday Night (1997)Bass, Producer 
Matraca Berg  That Train Don't Run (1997)Producer 
Matraca Berg  Back When We Were Beautiful (1997)Producer 
Matraca Berg  Back in the Saddle (1998)Producer 
Karla Bonoff  Karla Bonoff (1977)Bass 
Karen Brooks  Walk on (1982)Bass 
Marty Brown  High & Dry (1991)Bass 
Severin Browne  Severin Browne (1973)Bass 
Jimmy Buffett  Riddles in the Sand (1984)Bass 
Jimmy Buffett  Last Mango in Paris (1985)Bass, Bass (Electric) 
J.J. Cale  Shades (1981)Bass 
J.J. Cale  Anyway the Wind Blows: The... (1997)Bass 
Roseanne Cash  Right or Wrong (1979)Organ, Bass, String Arrangements 
Rosanne Cash  Seven Year Ache (1981)Bass, Mandolin, Piano, Arranger, Guitar (Rhythm) 
Rosanne Cash  Somewhere in the Stars (1982)Bass, Guitar, Piano 
Rosanne Cash  Hits 1979-1989 (1989)Bass, Guitar, Keyboards 
Roseanne Cash  Retrospective (1995)Bass 
David Cassidy  Higher They Climb the Harder They... (1975)Bass 
David Cassidy  Home Is Where the Heart Is (1976)Bass 
David Cassidy  When I'm a Rock 'n' Roll Star: The (1996)Bass 
Guy Clark  Better Days (1983)Bass, Guitar 
Guy Clark  Craftsmen (1995)Guitar (Acoustic), Bass, Mandolin, Piano 
Chi Coltrane  Let It Ride (1973)Bass 
Earl Thomas Conley  Essential (1996)Producer 
Rodney Crowell  Aint Living Long Like This (1978)Bass 
Rodney Crowell  But What Will the Neighbors Think (1980)Bass 
Rodney Crowell  Rodney Crowell (1981)Bass 
Rodney Crowell  Rodney Crowell Collection (1989)Bass, String Arrangements 
John Denver  Christmas Together (1979)Bass, Arranger, Guitar (Bass) 
John Denver  John Denver (1979)Bass 
John Denver  Christmas Together with the... (1979)Bass 
John Denver  Autograph (1980)Bass 
John Denver  Different Directions (1991)Bass, Mandolin, Orchestral Arrangements 
John Denver  Christmas Together (1996)Bass, Arranger 
John Denver  Live at the Sydney Opera House... (1999)Bass, Mandolin 
Neil Diamond  Hot August Night (1972)Guitar, Vibraphone 
Neil Diamond  I'm Glad You're Here with Me... (1977)Guitar, Keyboards 
Neil Diamond  Greatest Hits (1966-1992) (1992)Bass 
Neil Diamond  In My Lifetime (1996) 
The Dillards  Decade Waltz (1979)Bass 
Steve Earle  Guitar Town (1986)Bass, Mandolin, Guitar (Bass), Producer 
Steve Earle  Exit O (1987)Mandolin, Producer 
Steve Earle  Essential Steve Earle (1993)Producer 
Steve Earle  Ain't Ever Satisfied: The Steve... (1996)Bass, Mandolin, Producer 
Steve Earle  Very Best of: Angry Young Man (1999)Producer 
Jonathan Edwards  Rockin' Chair (1976)Bass, Mandolin 
Jonathan Edwards  Sailboat (1977)Bass, Mandolin 
Ignis Fatuus  Ignis Fatuus and Guy Finley Bass 
Dan Fogelberg  High Country Snows (1985)Bass 
Dan Fogelberg  Portrait: The Music of Dan... (1997)Bass 
The Forester Sisters  Greatest Hits (1989)Producer 
Vince Gill  Turn Me Loose (1983)Bass, Producer 
Vince Gill  I Never Knew Lonely (1992)Producer 
Vince Gill  Super Hits (1996)Producer 
Vince Gill & Keith Whitley  Double Barrel Country: The Legends (1998)Producer 
Jimmie Dale Gilmore  Spinning Around the Sun (1993)Bass, Producer 
Nanci Griffith  Lone Star State of Mind (1987)Mandolin, Bass (Electric) 
Nanci Griffith  MCA Years: a Retrospective (1993)Bass (Electric) 
David Grisman, Vince Gill,  Here Today (1982)Bass, Vocals 
Larry Groce  Please Take Me Back (1977)Strings, Arranger 
Emmylou Harris  Elite Hotel (1975)Bass 
Emmylou Harris  Luxury Liner (1977)Bass 
Emmylou Harris  Profile (The Best of Emmylou... (1978)Bass, Piano 
Emmylou Harris  Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town (1978)Bass 
Emmylou Harris  Blue Kentucky Girl (1979)Bass 
Emmylou Harris  Christmas Album (Light in the... (1979)Bass 
Emmylou Harris  Roses in the Snow (1980)Bass 
Emmylou Harris  Cimarron (1981)Bass 
Emmylou Harris  Evangeline (1981)Bass 
Emmylou Harris  Ballad of Sally Rose (1985)Bass 
Emmylou Harris  Angel Band (1987)Guitar (Acoustic), Arranger, Bass (Vocal), Guitar (Bass), Producer 
Emmylou Harris  Bluebird (1988)Conductor, String Arrangements 
Emmylou Harris  Duets (1990)Producer 
Emmylou Harris  Cowgirl's Prayer (1993)String Arrangements 
Emmylou Harris  Songs of the West (1994) 
Emmylou Harris  Portraits (1996)Bass, Piano, Producer 
Alexander Harvey  Souvenirs (1973)Bass 
Chris Hillman  Morning Sky (1982)Bass 
Billy Joel  Cold Spring Harbor (1971)Bass 
Billy Joel  Piano Man (1973)Bass 
Billy Joel  Streetlife Serenade (1974)Bass 
Billy Joel  Greatest Hits, Vols. 1 & 2 (1973... (1985)Bass 
Billy Joel  Complete Hits Collection 1974-1997 (1997)Bass 
George Jones  Walls Can Fall (1992)Bass, Producer 
J.C. Jones  One Night Can Last Forever (1997)Producer 
J.C. Jones  One Night (1998)Bass, Producer 
Mary Kayplace  Aimin to Please (1977)Bass 
Barbara Keith  Barbara Keith [Reprise] (1972)Bass 
Barbara Keith  Barbara Keith [Warner Bros.] (1972)Bass 
Nicolette Larson  Say When (1985)Guitar (Bass), Producer 
Nicolette Larson  Very Best of Nicolette Larson (1999)Bass, Producer, Synclavier, Synclavier Stings 
Albert Lee  Hiding (1979)Bass 
Albert Lee  Albert Lee (1982)Bass 
Liberace  Loungin' with Lee (1998)Arranger 
Lobo  Cowboy Afraid of Horses (1975)Bass 
Patty Loveless  Patty Loveless (1987)Guitar (Acoustic), Bass, Producer, String Arrangements 
Patty Loveless  If My Heart Had Windows (1988)Producer 
Patty Loveless  Up Against My Heart (1991)Bass, Producer 
Patty Loveless  Only What I Feel (1993)Producer 
Patty Loveless  Greatest Hits (1993)Producer 
Patty Loveless  When Fallen Angels Fly (1994)Bass 
Patty Loveless  Trouble with the Truth (1996)Producer 
Patty Loveless  Long Stretch of Lonesome (1997)Bass, Arranger, Producer 
Patty Loveless  Classics (1999)Bass 
Patty Loveless  20th Century Masters - The... (2000)Producer 
Patty Loveless  Strong Heart (2000)Guitar (Bass), Horn Arrangements, String Arrangements 
Lyle Lovett  Lyle Lovett (1986)Bass 
Rebecca Lynn  Hold Me Tight Bass 
Joanne MacKell  Joanne Mackell (1978)Bass 
Delbert Mcclinton  One of the Fortunate Few (1997)Producer 
Delbert McClinton  Sending Me Angels (1997)Producer 
Reba McEntire  Have I Got a Deal for You (1985)Guitar (Bass) 
Reba McEntire  Merry Christmas to You (1988)Bass 
Kate and Anna McGarrigle  Dancer with Bruised Knees (1977)Bass, Producer 
Mary K. Miller  Handcuffed to a Heartache Bass, Guitar (Rhythm) 
Bill Monroe & His...  Bluegrass '87 (1987)Bass, Producer 
Bill Monroe  Music of Bill Monroe (1994)Producer 
Rick Moses  Face the Music (1978)Bass, Guitar 
Mickey Newbury  Heaven Help the Child (1973)Bass 
The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band  Bang Bang Bang [Single] (1998)Producer 
The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band  Bang Bang Bang (1998)Producer 
Buck Owens  Buck Owens Collection (1959-1990) (1992)Bass 
Palamino Duck  First Flight (1995)Guitar, Keyboards, Drum Programming, Percussion Programming 
Wayne Parker  Oklahoma Twilight  
Gram Parsons  G.P./Grievous Angel (1973)Bass 
Gram Parsons  Grievous Angel (1973)Bass 
Gram Parsons & The Flying...  Sleepless Nights (1976)Bass 
Gram Parsons & The Flying...  Sleepless Nights (1976)Bass 
Tom Petty & the...  Playback (1995)Guitar (Bass) 
David Pomeranz  It's in Everyone of Us (1976)Bass 
Portland  Portland (1972)Bass 
Elvis Presley  Elvis [1973] (1973)Bass 
Elvis Presley  Platinum: A Life in Music (1997) 
Elvis Presley  24 Karat Hits (1997) 
Elvis Presley  Touch of Platinum, Vol. 2 (1998) 
Pyramid  Pyramid (1974)Bass 
Digby Richards  Digby Richards (1974)Bass 
Riders in the Sky  Cowboy Way (1982)Producer 
Kenny Rogers  We've Got Tonight (1983)Bass 
Linda Ronstadt  Heart Like a Wheel (1974)Bass 
Carol Bayer Sager  Carol Bayer Sager (1977)Bass 
2nd Chapter of Acts  In the Volume/with Footnotes (1975)Bass 
Phil Seymour  Phil Seymour (1980)Bass, Guitar (Bass) 
Phil Seymour  Precious to Me (1996)Guitar (Bass) 
Silverado  Silverado (1976)Bass 
Ricky Skaggs  Sweet Temptation (1979)Bass, Bass (Electric) 
Ricky Skaggs  Don't Cheat in Our Hometown (1983)Bass 
Ricky Skaggs  Love's Gonna Get Ya (1986)Bass 
Ricky Skaggs & Friends  Big Mon (2000)Vocal Editing 
Tom Snow  Taking It All in Stride (1975)Bass 
Jim Stafford  Jim Stafford (1974)Bass, Arranger, String Arrangements 
B.W. Stevenson  Lead Free (1972)Bass 
Larry Stewart  Why Can't You (1996)Bass, Guitar, Producer 
George Strait  Pure Country (1992)Bass 
George Strait  Strait out of the Box (1995)Bass 
Aaron Tippin  You've Got to Stand for Something (1991)Bass 
Aaron Tippin  Read Between the Lines (1992)Bass, Producer 
Aaron Tippin  Greatest Hits. . . and the Some (1997)Producer 
Aaron Tippin  Super Hits (1998)Producer 
Conway Twitty  Borderline (1987)Bass 
Conway Twitty  Conway Twitty Collection (1994)Bass 
Kris Tyler  Keeping Your Kisses [Single] (1997)Producer 
Kris Tyler  What a Woman Knows [Single] (1997)Producer 
Kris Tyler  What a Woman Knows (1998)Bass, Producer 
Kris Tyler  I'm In Trouble Now (1998)Producer 
Steve Wariner  Greatest Hits (1987)Producer 
Steve Wariner  Ultimate Collection (2000)Producer 
Hank Williams, Jr.  Five-O-Five (1985)Bass 
Original Soundtrack  Tin Cup (1996)Producer 
Original Soundtrack  Switchback (1997)Producer 
Original Soundtrack  Apostle (1998)Producer 
Original Soundtrack  Black Dog [Original Soundtrack] (1998)Producer 

* as listed by the All Music Guide

Emory with the King, April 23rd, 1973, Anaheim California

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