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The Trouble with Girls

This 1969 film takes Elvis back to the roaring 20s. He plays Walter Hale, the manager and main attraction of the Chautauqua Company, which is a traveling medicine show. Walter sweeps into a small town and stirs up the locals. Originally titled Chautauqua, it was later re-christened The Trouble with Girls (subtitled: "and how to get into it", which has very little to do with the actual plot).

Cut from a different cloth than the usual Elvis movie, the only bathing suit seen is a one-piece worn by co-star, Joyce Van Patten, who plays an Olympic swimmer. Elvis's character is not featured in this film as prominently as usual, either, but he stills manages to getin some songs, such as Clean Up You Own Back Yard, Violet, and Signs of the Zodiac.

Watch for appearances by future television stars: Anissa Jones ("family Affair"), Susan Olsen ("The Brady Bunch")and Dabney Coleman ("Buffalo Bill" and numerous movies). Also see horror actors Vincent Price and John Carradine.

Marlyn Mason

Marlyn Mason was born in San Fernando, California, on August 7th, 1940. Marlyn started her career by appearing in television shows such as Bonanza and The Man from U.N.C.L.E.. These guest appearances paid off when she won a role on the popular series, Ben Casey. Mason played Sally Welden from 1965-1966. This was followed by co-starring roles in the TV movies Brigadoon and Carousel both with Robert Goulet.

In 1969 Marlyn made her motion picture debut in The Trouble with Girls starring the King, Elvis Presley. Mason portrayed the role of Charlene,which allowed her to sing a duet with Elvis, entitled "Signs of the Zodiac". Today, Marlyn says "Elvis was the best. Very professional, very funny". When asked if she enjoyed doing the film, her response was "Absolutely!!!"

Throughout the 1970ís, Marlyn mostly did television movies such as Harpy, Outrage, and That Certain Summer, but she was also one of the regulars on the TV Show Longstreet. Masonís most recent work was on the television series Dead by Sunset and the 1998 TV movie Fifteen and Pregnant.

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Sheree North
"Nita Bix"

Sheree North was born Dawn Bethel on January 17,1933, in Los Angeles, California. Her first movie role was in 1945's An Angel Comes to Brooklyn. North starred in many other films such as The Best Things in Life Are Free with Gordon MacRae and Ernest Borgnine; In Love and War with Robert Wagner; and Madigan with Henry Fonda and Richard Widmark. Sheree was next chosen to star with one of the biggest stars in Hollywood: Elvis Presley. The Trouble With Girls was the film and North was to play the character Nita Bix. The movie takes place in the 1920's and Nita's druggist boyfriend is played by Dabney Coleman (Nine to Five, Tootsie, and the ill-fated television series, "Buffalo Bill").

Sheree continued to work in films and televison shows in the seventies. Vanished,Key West, and Big Eddie were a few examples. In the late 80's the actress made Marilyn Monroe: Beyond the Legend and Maniac Cop. In the early 90's, Sheree starred in the movie Defensless and in two episodes of the hit show Seinfield. Sheree North's most recent film was in 1998's Susan's Plan.


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