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Elvis Movie Trivia Quiz

Elvis Movie Trivia Quiz

1. Which movie did Elvis NOT refuse to watch in later life?
Jailhouse Rock
Loving You

2. The leading lady who gave Elvis his first onscreen kiss...
Jana Lund
Dolores Hart
Debra Paget

3. In which movie did Kurt Russell kick The King?
Double Trouble
It Happened at the World's Fair
Paradise Hawaiian Style

4. What prize was Elvis awarded in the talent show segment of Viva Las Vegas?
a pool table
sports car
honeymoon trip

5. In which film did Elvis play a dual role?
Kissin Cousins
Double Trouble
Live a Little Love a Little

6. Who once portrayed the mother of Elvis's character?
Shelley Winters
Barbara Stanwyck
Angela Lansbury

7. In Blue Hawaii, Elvis was expected to take over the family's ~?~ business.
banana plantation
pineapple farm
charter plane service

8. When Frankie shot Johnny, what kept him from being killed?
the bullet was a blank
gold pocketwatch Frankie had given him
lucky cricket

9. In what move did Elvis do The Clam?
Blue Hawaii
Girl Happy

10. Elvis's last film before he entered the army was...
Jailhouse Rock
King Creole
Kid Galahad

11. In Girl Happy Elvis pursued Shelley Fabares to...
Las Vegas
Fort Lauderdale

12. If you hear "Return to Sender", you must be watching...
Girls, Girls, Girls
Easy Come Easy Go
The Trouble with s

13. The big race in "Speedway" took place at which racetrack?

14. Who or What was "King Creole"?
Elvis's boss
Elvis's character's name

15. Elvis's last feature film was...?
Change of Habit
Tickle Me

Score =

Elvis Movie Trivia answers

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