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"...and introducing Elvis Presley"...These were the prophetic words advertising this first of some thirty-one films starring The King. Set in Texas in the waning days of the Civil War, Love Me Tender revolves around the tragic misunderstandings and jealousies of a close-knit Confederate family. Elvis - as Clint Reno - charms with several new songs, including the title song based on the familiar tune of Aura Lee. The film was originally titled "The Reno Brothers", but was renamed when its title song became such a hit.

When Love Me Tender was released, critics panned the film and ridiculed Elvis's acting and singing. But Elvis's fans spoke with a louder voice: the movie made back its million-dollar cost in less than a week and was one of the year's biggest moneymakers!


Debra Paget
"Cathy Reno"

Debra Paget was born on August 19, 1933 in Denver, Colorado. Her real name was Debralee Griffin. Paget's mother,Maggie, was determined to have Debra and her brothers and sisters acting; and they did become actors. In her first film,at age 15, Debra played Teena Riconti in the 1948 movie Cry of the CityBroken Arrow with James Stewart, Princess of the Nile with Jeffrey Hunter, and the classic The Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston.

In 1956, Debra was to star with singing sensation Elvis Presley in his first movie. The film was Love Me Tender and Paget was to play Cathy Reno, Presley's wife. The River's Edge, From the Earth to the Moon, and Journey to the Lost City are just a few of the films Debra did after working with Elvis. Paget's last movie was in 1963's The Haunted Palace. Following this, Debra quit acting and married a millionaire by the name of Louis Kung. Paget and Kung had a son in 1964, but in 1980 the two divorced.

Richard Egan
"Vance Reno"

Richard Egan was born July 19, 1921, in San Francisco, California. He debuted in films with Joan Crawford in the 1950 film-noir, The Damned Don't Cry. Appearing mostly in westerns, and usually playing a non-leading role, Egan was in at least 30 films between 1950 and 1955. In 1956, he starred as Vance Reno, brother of Elvis Presley (Clint Reno) in Elvis's first movie, Love Me Tender. Egan was achieving leading man status more and more often as he continued to make such films as Slaughter on Tenth Avenue(1957),A Summer Place(1959), and Esther and the King(1960). Young people are most likely to recognize Richard Egan from Walt Disney's Pollyanna(1960), in which he plays Aunt Polly's one-time beau, Dr. Edward Chilton.

Throughout the 1960s and 70s, Egan was visible in several big screen and television movies. His last endeavor was the TV series "Capitol" (1982), in which he played Samuel Clegg II.

In private life, Egan was wed to actress Patricia Harvey. He died of cancer on July 20 1987.


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