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Elvis stars as Charlie Rogers,a free-wheeling singer who drives around on his motorcycle trying to become famous performing in small clubs. When his motorcycle is laid up for repairs, he gets temporary work at Maggie Morgan's (Barbara Stanwyck's) carnival.Thanks to his singing, Charlie becomes a hit,making the carnival a success and keeping the bill-collectors at bay. Stanwyck, Leif Ericson (of the "High Chapparal" television series) and the rest of the supporting cast make this one of Elvis's better movies. Songs include "Little Egypt" and "Big Love, Big Heartache". Raquel Welch appears in a small part, and Teri Garr is one of the dancers.

Barbara Stanwyck

"Maggie Morgan"

Born Ruby Stevens on July 16, 1907,in Brooklyn, New York, Barbara Stanwyck was probably best known to modern audiences as matriarch Victoria Barkley on the long-running western series, THE BIG VALLEY. Later she starred on the hit drama, DYNASTY and in the blockbuster mini-series, "The Thorn Birds". But for millions of other fans, she was celebrated for a screen career that spanned from 1927 until 1964.

Stanwyck's career began inauspiciously (at age 17)as a $40-a-week chorus girl . In 1928, Barbara moved to Hollywood where she began one of the most notable careers filmdom had ever seen. She was an extremely versatile actress, who could adapt to any role. Barbara was as at-home as the heart-rending STELLA DALLAS as she was "Ball of Fire's" screwball, Sugarpuss O'Shea.... or even the hysterical Leona Stephenson in "Sorry, Wrong Number". In 1964,the ous screen legend concluded her film career by co-starring with Elvis Presley in the movie "Roustabout".

A convincing and versatile actress, Stanwyck was nominated for four Academy Awards, although she never won. Long overdue,in 1982, Barbara was awarded an honorary Academy Award for "superlative creativity and unique contribution to the art of screen acting."

Barbara Stanwyck died on January 20, 1990 of congestive heart failure, leaving behind a ous legacy of classic work.

Sue Ane Langdon
"Madame Mijanou "

Sue Ane Langdon was born on March 8, 1936. Although she was born in Paterson, New Jersey, Sue Ane spent her time growing up in New York, Oregon, and Michigan. Since her mother was a director of local theater productions, Langdon began acting at an early age. Following college in Texas and Idaho, Sue Ane headed off for New York where she found jobs in Broadway plays and at Radio City Musical Hall. In the last of the 1950’s, Langdon went to Hollywood and began to co-star on some television shows including Perry Masonand The Andy Griffith Show. She also became a regular on Bachelor Father. Following her work in two films, Strangers When We Meet and The Great Impostor, Sue Ane played Jackie Gleason’s wife, Alice Kramden, on the hit show The Honeymooners. Her tenure on the show lasted only a year, however, as the role then passed to Sheila MacRae.

Langdon was then chosen to co-star in Elvis Presley’s 1964 movie Roustabout. Langdon's character was Madame Mijanou, fortune teller at the carnival where Elvis’ character works. After makingThe Rounders,with Henry Fonda and Glenn Ford, she was back with Elvis. In 1966 Sue Ane co-starred in Frankie and Johnny. This time she played Donna Douglas’ character’s friend, Mitzi.

Speaking with the author recently, Miss Langdon recalled her Elvis films: “At the time, it was no big deal to make an ‘Elvis picture’. Working with him was quite pleasant, though. He was very nice and professional. However, seeing him in later years in concert during the Vegas years, he was fantastic and I really became a fan!!”. She also says that Frankie and Johnny was her favorite.

For the rest of the 1960’s and into the 70’s, Sue Ane did a few other films including The Cheyenne Social Club and The Evictors. She also starred on the television series Arnie.

To date, Langdon’s last acting appearance was Zapped Again! (1990). She isn't doing much acting these days, but does appear at many film festivals. She is also enjoying her life with husband Jack Emrek. The two have been married since 1959!

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Pat Buttram

"Harry Carver"

Leif Erickson

"Joe Lean"


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