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The King plays Deke Rivers, a young truck driver who wows a crowd with his singing voice after he arrives at a political rally to deliver . Impressed, a glamorous press agent (Lizabeth Scott) and the leader of the band with which Deke has sung (Wendell Corey), take the young man under their wing and proceed to make him into a star. As Deke Rivers's popularity soars, fame proves first sweet....then bitter,as a publicity stunt backfires. Eventually, of course, all problems resolve, Elvis gets the girl, and they go on to "make beautiful music together". The soundtrack includes "(Let Me Be Your)Teddy Bear" and "Loving You".

An interesting note: Elvis's parents, Vernon and Gladys, appeared as extras in one of the final scenes. After Gladys's death, Elvis never watched this film again.

Dolores Hart
"Susan Jessup"

Dolores Hicks was born on October 20, 1938, in Chicago, Illinois. Dolores' first movie was 1957's In the Wild Wind. Following her debut, Hart was chosen to star with one of Hollywoods biggest stars: Elvis Presley. The film was Loving You and Dolores was to portray the role of Susan Jessup.

In 1958 Hart teamed again with Presley. This time in the movie King Creole, co-starring Carolyn Jones. After working with the King, Dolores said "Elvis is a young man with an enormous capacity of love...but I don't think he has found his happiness yet". Following King Creole, Hart gained further popularity in other films such as Where the Boys Are and The Plunderers. In 1963, Dolores left Hollywood and became a nun at the Bendictine Regina Laudis Monastery in Bethlehem, Connecticut, where she serves today.

Today, Dolores' thoughts of Elvis are "He was a fine person- had a delightful sense of humor."

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Yvonne Lime

Yvonne Lime was born on April 7th, 1938, in Glendale, California. Yvonne’s acting career began with the role of Elinor Donahue’s best friend, Dotty Snow, on the popular televsion series Father Knows Best. Her appearances on the show ran from 1954-1957. In 1956, Lime made her big screen debut in The Rainmaker, which starred Katherine Hepburn and Burt Lancaster. She graduated from this to playing Michael Landon’s girlfriend, Arlene Logan, in the 1957 classic I was a Teenage Werewolf.

Also in 1957, Yvonne was chosen to co-star with the very popular Elvis Presley in Loving You in which she played the role of Sally. Elvis and Yvonne developed more than a professional interest in one another- and they dated some during the filming. On Easter weekend of 1957 she even went to visit him at Graceland, his Memphis home (see photo at right). When recently asked about her memories of working with Elvis in Loving You, the girl recalled that Elvis was a very nice young man and that she had a fun time making the film.

Miss Lime continued her film career with films such as Untamed Youth and the lead roles in High School Hellcats and Dragstrip Riot. Yvonne’s last movie was 1959’s Speed Crazy.

Around this time, Lime and her best friend, Sara O’Meara, travelled to Japan to entertain the U.S. troops that were stationed there. While there, they came across eleven homeless children wandering the streets. The women discovered that these Amerasian children had been cast out of their orphanage in order to make room for Japanese children. Yvonne and Sara took the children back to their motel room and proceeded the following day to find an orphanage that would accept these orphans. In their search, the women came upon a Japanese woman who was already caring for ten orphans in her one-room hut. After enlisting the help of several soldiers, “Mama Kin’s” one-room house was renovated to hold many more homeless orphans. By the time the women returned to the U.S. they had provided care for over one hundred orphans. In 1959, Sara and Yvonne founded an international organization which built and maintained a number of orphanages in Japan and Vietnam, as well as a children’s hospital and school in Vietnam. Yvonne and Sara’s efforts eventually were redirected toward abused and neglected children in the United States, and they changed the organization’s name to Childhelp USA.

Today, Yvonne Lime says she has no plans for continuing her acting career, although she sometimes appears on television shows on behalf of Childhelp USA.

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Lizabeth Scott
"Glenda Markle"

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Wendell Corey
"Walter (Tex) Warner"


Love Me Tender Paradise Hawaiian Style Roustabout Speedway Spinout

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